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Welcome to #wikka - the IRC Wikka Lounge

Wikka support
If you come to #wikka for support, just ask your question (the smart way), but please remember that not everyone seemingly "present" in the channel may be actively paying attention: they may be at work or they may be asleep. Ask anyway, or make a suggestion! Don't run away if you don't get an immediate reply, people may be busy or on the phone and get back to you later: give us some time.

IRC help
If you need help with using IRC, there's also the IRC Guide (running on Wikka, what else?) and its companion #ircguide channel. (The wiki is still very new, so if you don't find what you need there, try asking in the channel.)
An IRC channel has been setup on for discussing Wikka, support..... and idling. :)

Point your favorite IRC client to:
Or check the list of freenode servers.

Channel: #wikka

As always, feedback and comments welcome.

See below for:

Getting an IRC client

Security Warning: Some old and unmaintained clients are known for suffering of many threats, eg: some allowing remote access to your computer.
To avoid such problems, prefer well known and maintained clients, like X-Chat wich is available for any UNIX-like and Windows OS

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