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=====Leaving messages in [[TheLounge | The Lounge]]===== has a very useful service that enables people to leave messages for each other even when they are not in the room. If you have registered your own nick and know a person's **[[ | registered nickname]]**, you can leave a message for that person. And if that person has NOTIFY set, (s)he will receive notification of a waiting memo on logging in (or be told there are no memos).

You can only send and receive memos if you have registered your nick - make sure you register yours and identify yourself when logging in!

In principle, leaving and reading messages is quite easy, just learn a few commands. To make it a little easier to learn and remember the commands for this type of messaging on (Freenode's) IRC, this page contains all the instructions you can also get from **""MemoServ""** itself - without needing to repeat those commands while you're in TheLounge.

Below each time the command to get help for a command, and the answer **""MemoServ""** gives.

**##/msg ""MemoServ"" help##**
%%Dec 10 17:21:55 >Memoserv< help
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- MemoServ is a utility allowing IRC users to send short
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- messages to other IRC users, whether they are online at
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- the time or not, or to channels for anyone with autoop
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- access or higher. Both sender and recipient must have
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- their nicknames registered with NickServ in order to
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- send a memo, or if the recipiant is a channel, it must
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- be registered with ChanServ. To use the following
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- commands, type: /msg MemoServ <command>. For more
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- information on a specific command, type:
Dec 10 17:21:55 -MemoServ- /msg MemoServ help <command>.
Dec 10 17:21:56 -MemoServ-
Dec 10 17:21:56 -MemoServ- SEND Send a memo to a nick/channel
Dec 10 17:21:56 -MemoServ- LIST List all of your or a channel's memos
Dec 10 17:21:56 -MemoServ- READ Read a memo (or all memos)
Dec 10 17:21:56 -MemoServ- FORWARD Forward a memo to a nick/channel
Dec 10 17:21:56 -MemoServ- REPLY Reply to a memo by number
Dec 10 17:21:56 -MemoServ- DEL Delete a memo (or all memos)%%

**##/msg ""MemoServ"" help send##**
%%Dec 10 17:26:02 >memoserv< help send
Dec 10 17:26:02 -MemoServ- Syntax: SEND <nick|channel> <text>
Dec 10 17:26:02 -MemoServ-
Dec 10 17:26:02 -MemoServ- If the recipient is a nick, they will recieve a memo
Dec 10 17:26:02 -MemoServ- containing <text>. They will also recieve a notice
Dec 10 17:26:02 -MemoServ- saying they have a new memo (as long as their NOTIFY is
Dec 10 17:26:02 -MemoServ- ON). If the recipient is a channel, all the autoops on
Dec 10 17:26:02 -MemoServ- the channel will recieve a notice of the new memo. You
Dec 10 17:26:02 -MemoServ- must have autoop access or higher to send a memo to a
Dec 10 17:26:02 -MemoServ- channel.%%

**##/msg ""MemoServ"" help list##**
%%Dec 10 17:26:57 >memoserv< help list
Dec 10 17:26:58 -MemoServ- Syntax: LIST [channel]
Dec 10 17:26:58 -MemoServ-
Dec 10 17:26:58 -MemoServ- Lists all memos you currently have, or if a channel is
Dec 10 17:26:58 -MemoServ- specified, lists all the channel's memos. Also displays
Dec 10 17:26:58 -MemoServ- when the memo was sent.%%

**##/msg ""MemoServ"" help read##**
%%Dec 10 17:27:06 >memoserv< help read
Dec 10 17:27:07 -MemoServ- Syntax: READ [channel] <index|ALL>
Dec 10 17:27:07 -MemoServ-
Dec 10 17:27:07 -MemoServ- Displays memo number <index> from your memo list, or, if
Dec 10 17:27:07 -MemoServ- specified, [channel]'s memo list. If ALL is specified,
Dec 10 17:27:07 -MemoServ- displays all memos.%%

**##/msg ""MemoServ"" help forward##**
%%Dec 10 17:27:11 >memoserv< help forward
Dec 10 17:27:11 -MemoServ- Syntax: FORWARD <index|ALL> <nick/channel>
Dec 10 17:27:11 -MemoServ-
Dec 10 17:27:11 -MemoServ- Forwards a memo (or all memos) to the specified nickname or
Dec 10 17:27:11 -MemoServ- channel. The text "[Fwd]: " will be prepended to the memo
Dec 10 17:27:11 -MemoServ- text so the recipient will know it was forwarded. A channel
Dec 10 17:27:11 -MemoServ- can be the recipient of a forwarded memo, but you cannot
Dec 10 17:27:11 -MemoServ- forward a channel's memo(s) to another nick/channel.
Dec 10 17:27:11 -MemoServ- Example: forward ALL my-pal%%

**##/msg ""MemoServ"" help reply##**
%%Dec 10 17:27:15 >memoserv< help reply
Dec 10 17:27:16 -MemoServ- Syntax: REPLY <index> <message>
Dec 10 17:27:16 -MemoServ-
Dec 10 17:27:16 -MemoServ- Sends a reply to the nick who sent you message index <index>.
Dec 10 17:27:16 -MemoServ- The text "[Re]:" is prepended to the reply. You cannot
Dec 10 17:27:16 -MemoServ- reply to channel memos.
Dec 10 17:27:16 -MemoServ- Example: REPLY 1 Thanks for your memo man! :)%%

**##/msg ""MemoServ"" help del##**
%%Dec 10 17:27:22 >memoserv< help del
Dec 10 17:27:23 -MemoServ- Syntax: DEL [channel] <index|ALL>
Dec 10 17:27:23 -MemoServ-
Dec 10 17:27:23 -MemoServ- Mark a memo (or all memos) for deletion. When a memo is
Dec 10 17:27:23 -MemoServ- marked for deletion, it will be deleted within an hour,
Dec 10 17:27:23 -MemoServ- unless you use PURGE first.%%

**##/msg ""MemoServ"" help purge##**
%%Dec 10 17:27:39 >memoserv< help purge
Dec 10 17:27:40 -MemoServ- Syntax: PURGE [channel]
Dec 10 17:27:40 -MemoServ-
Dec 10 17:27:40 -MemoServ- This permanently deletes all memos you have marked for
Dec 10 17:27:40 -MemoServ- deletion, or if [channel] specified, deletes all memos
Dec 10 17:27:40 -MemoServ- marked for deletion on [channel]. Use carefully, since
Dec 10 17:27:40 -MemoServ- you cannot recover memos after you have purged them.%%

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