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Comment by DarTar
2005-09-24 09:42:21
Nice post, Ton - thanks for sharing this! Looking at your profile you might want to add a CategoryUser link at the bottom of the page and a header with =====Your Name=====.
Comment by
2006-01-14 15:21:10
Hey Ton,

In a post on the wikka on a stick page you mention a bunch of changes.....

".....Reloading or following depicted link solves it, as does building a few seconds delat into the redirect action.
I altered the start.bat so it not only starts Apache but MySql as well, and set the redirect pointing to the HomePage of wikka wiki.
In that HomePage I added a link to shut down the server, and a link to the Uniform Server admin screen.
So now it simply starts wikka when I hit start.bat, and bypasses the admin screen as I only need to be there sporadically. Getting the wiki first is more important. "

Any chance you could post more details of these changes on your home page? Thanks. Mike B
Comment by TonZijlstra
2006-01-17 14:14:36
Hi Mike. Yes I will add them to the wiki on a stick page.
Comment by GmBowen
2006-01-17 22:03:02
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