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OK Here goes.

I will record all my findings here - seems to make sense - anybody can see it as I go and correct me if I'm off-beam and I can work on it both @ work and @ home. although the chances of getting time to do this @ home are approaching null...

Design Goals [no particular order]
~- Have one single user table for both software
~- User registration/ creation does not need to take place within the wikka software - this can be handled by phpBB
~- Not important if some phpBB users cannot edit wikka pages - if the user wants to edit they should make their name into a WikiName
~~& This design goal is imposed by architectural differences in the software. I am taking a phpBB centric view of this project, that is because in both places I intend to implement, phpBB is the primary software.

Steps for development.
~1) Set up dev phpBB board
~1) Set up dev wikka engine using same database different directory
~1) Analyse data structure of the 2 user tables - phpBB vs wikka
~~& Begun - there are sufficient gotcha's in this that some design goals will have to be pre-determined by the difference in architchture. Translation - To have a proper WikiName username you will have to manually do this when you join the phpBB or by modifying your username there...
~1) Set up users
~1) locate ALL references to the users table in the Wikka codebase
~1) replace the "name" field referance with "username"
~1) debug
~1) document needed alterations
~1) beta test
~1) release

It would appear that OfficeRabbit has completed this here: WikkaWithphpBB! More power to him - and much gratitude! I will report back on the success or not of implementation...

Implementation does seem to be succesfull. This is the forum site I have implemented at: And here is the wikka:

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