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Hello, I'm a software engineer from Belgium and chose to use Wikka Wakka Wiki for [[ | my site]] because it's pretty lightweight and fast, has a good-looking user interface and a great active user base - see the CodeContributions for that.

Here are some thoughts for next versions:
~- One of the few things that bothers me is the localization. I'm now in progress of translating every piece of text there's to be found for my wiki. However, all these strings should be grouped together in one file - call it a language plug-in or something - and not inserted just about anywhere in the code. This is currently being discussed at the WikkaInternationalization page.
~- I'm hoping there'll be some progress on the issue of RemovingUsers. I know it's not desired to just go ahead and delete them from the database, but I would be very happy with being able to transfer all dependencies to another user and then deleting them. Or at least to be able to rename them, so that 'bad' accounts can be recycled for new users.

Anyway, I'm very happy with Wikka Wakka Wiki and I hope it stays so very much alive as it is right now.

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