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Using actions in Wikka pages

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About actions

Actions are small (or not so small) pieces of code that generate automatic content within a page. An action may provide simple content, or it may provide an interactive "service" with a form for user input.

Some actions are considered "core" and are essential to the functioning of Wikka as a WikiEngine. Others are better classified as "plugins", providing extra, less essential functionality. Of course, WikkaWiki comes with all "core" actions and a nice collection of "plugins". Many Wikka users also make CodeContributions additional plugins available through this site.

Using actions

To include an action in a page, simply edit the page and put the name of the action, between {{ and }}, on it. Action names are case-insensitive.

Many actions can be customized by providing extra parameters; a parameter must always have its value enclosed in double quotes. Unknown parameters are simply ignored; in some cases one or more parameters may be required.

Content example:
use {{wikkaversion}} to display the current Wikka version running:


Service example:
use {{googleform}} to provide an empty form to search Google; you may add a parameter to suggest a search term, as in {{googleform q="Wikka"}}:

Actions available in the latest WikkaWiki distribution

The following actions are distributed with WikkaWiki (version n/a) (listed in alphabetical order):

Dropped action

The actions you see here are no longer used and therefore were dropped:

Actions not in the actions-directory

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