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Guidelines for prospective developers

WikkaWiki welcomes code modifications and extensions from new developers. This page contains all the necessary information for users willing to contribute code. Before PageNamingConvention posting code additions/plugins to this server, we encourage you to read the following in order to familiarize with the internal workings of WikkaWiki:

  1. WikkaResources Wikka resources - some thoughts about Wikka, its resources, and how the Wikka architecture supports them;
  1. WikkaSystemFiles Wikka code structure - the structure of the Wikka directory;

Coding standards and conventions
  1. WikkaCodingGuidelinesHowto Wikka coding guidelines;
  1. PageNamingConvention How to post code to this server

  1. WikkaLogicalDataModel Wikka logical data model - an explanation of how the data "works" and a step on the way towards a better and expanded database;
  1. WikkaPhysicalDataModel Wikka physical data model - a model of the physical structure of the database, to help understand how Wikka stores and retrieves its data;
  1. WikkaTableStructure Wikka table structure - the structure of the MySQL-tables of Wikka;

The Engine
  1. WikkaCore The Wikka API - a list of the available functions that should be used in the development of new components;

Wikka components
  1. ActionInfo Actions
  1. HandlerInfo Handlers
  1. FormatterInfo Formatters

PHP general
  1. Print this handy PHP Cheat Sheet and put it on your desk - it will save many trips to the online PHP documentation; more about it here.

Although this isn't about Wikka, LinuxChix: Tips on Contributing to Open Source contains good advice.

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