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Bienvenue dans Wikka

Bonjour et bienvenue dans WikkaWiki!

Le but de ce server est de proposer un espace ou discuter sur le développement et la documentation de Wikka.
This server is meant for the discussion of issues related to the development and documentation of Wikka. It is neither meant to host personal pages nor to offer users a free space to post content, text, images or links not related to WikkaWiki. Most importantly, it is not a place where you can promote your own sites. Any abuse/vandalism will be removed and the user banned from this server.

En tant qu'UTILISATEUR ANONYME, vous pouvez poster vos commentaires et éditer des pages selon les ACLinfoFR restrictions mises en place: les utilisateurs anonymes peuvent poster des commentaires sur toutes les
As an UNREGISTERED USER, you can post comments and edit pages where ACLInfo access restrictions lists by default allow you to: this server allow anonymous users to post comments on any page and edit only in the SandBox. Your comments and edits will be stored using your IP address.

As a UserSettings REGISTERED USER, you can create your own userpage, edit page content (e.g. submit bugs, suggest new features and contribute code) and you have access to some of the advanced features of this server. Your comments and edits will be stored using your username.

Enregistré ou non, vous pouvez:

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