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Greetings from the Dog Yard

My name is Doug. I'm an elementary school teacher from Alaska who recently discovered wikis. I'm using Wikka Wiki to develop a site for teachers to collaboratively develop classroom research projects.

The site is at Northern Attitude

I am not a web developer - just a teacher who wants to use socially enbabled software to find out if maybe there is a better way to do things. It seems that the more I learn, the more I want to do.

And so I am becoming...progressively...a geeky teacher.

True North Development Issues
I appreciate any efforts to help me with the glitchy problems I seem bound to run into. I was in the process of writing a blog entry praising JavaWoman's efforts when I checked this page to make sure I had the link right and noticed her comment about my rss feed. I began responding in the comments field when I decided to just go ahead create a section on this page for this discussion. If we want to delete (or use) any part of this when we get things straightened out that's fine with me. I took the curly brackets out of the references to the rss feeds for the sake of reporting, without displaying, the problem. Put them back in to see what I'm talking about.

I used rss to generate the feed on the wiki at the class blog page. When I try that in Thunderbird I get "not a valid feed." Then I tried the bloglines feed I set up at my bloglines noon_bloggers folder.

It looks fine at bloglines, but on True North rss only displays the error message. This doesn't make sense to me because nothing behaves the same in different places. The blog is on a paranoid locked-down development server that my school district uses for their vocational ed program. The blog is at a Noon_Bloggers They have apache configured to discourage browsing directories, and they are running PHP 5 on.

JavaWoman may also notice that I am running True North on a new subdomain, and I still can't work out the mod_rewrite issues. I'm up for an IRC session to see if we can take care of that problem as well. If I check in around 11:00 pm Alaska time on Sunday, I wonder if that would work? If schedules and time differences are a problem with IRC (I'm about as far away as a person could be, I think) support from here may get the job done as well.

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