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===== Compare Wikka to other Wiki Engines =====

The [[ |]] is a tool for comparing several wiki engines (including WikkaWiki) by features and system requirements.
>>//So why should I choose Wikka?//

~-[[Docs:WikkaFeatures | Wikka features]]
~-[[IndependentWikkaReviews | Opinions and reviews of Wikka]]
~-[[WikkaSites | Sites powered by Wikka]]

== Comparing Wikka to other engines==
~-[[DokuWikiComparison | DokuWiki vs. WikkaWiki]] //(stub)//
~-[[MediaWikiComparison | MediaWiki vs. WikkaWiki]]
~-[[WackoWikiComparison | WackoWiki vs. WikkaWiki]] //(stub)//
~-[[WikiniComparison | Wikini vs. WikkaWiki]]

== External links ==
Here's some external pages that can help you decide:
~-[[ | Free Wiki - Wiki Info : Wiki Demos : Wiki Screenshots : Wiki Links : Wiki Feeds]]
~-[[ | Splitbrain - feature list comparison for open source wiki engines]]

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