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Wiki In A Vacuum

How to create a wiki site that doesn't look like a wiki using WikkaWiki


This is an extension of the InvisibleWiki process advocated by DarTar. His motto is "Look ma, no source code changes!" My motto is "Look ma, no one can tell that it's a wiki unless they look really hard!"

Seriously, though: The difference here is one of philosophy. DarTar's goal is to set up a process that creates an "invisible wiki" (a wiki that doesn't look like a wiki to the casual observer) without the need for changes to Wikka's core code. My goal is to make an invisible wiki even more invisible through source code and configuration changes.

There will be a couple of hacks here that will require source code changes to do things like get rid of pesky headers and footers, not allow registrations (but do allow logins), and add some new stylesheet elements. This is a work in progress. I can't guarantee this will work on any specific version (I'm using the latest code from trunk), but it should give one a good idea of where code changes need to be made to disable or eliminate the "wikish" elements.


  1. I would suggest initially following the procedures in InvisibleWiki. You might find that the result is adequate for what you need, and there is no reason to modify anything else (other than stylesheets). However, you might be interested in the following step even if you choose to stop here.
  1. As an alternative to disabling Wikka default pages through the use of manual ACL changes, copy and paste the following code in a file called disable_default_pages.php in your top-level wiki directory and follow the instructions:


$configfile = 'wikka.config.php';
if(file_exists($configfile)) include($configfile);
else {
echo $configfile."does not exist!";

$wakka =
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