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====== Wikka Administration Panel ======
A list of possible features that an **Administration Panel** should contain:

===1. Configuration Management ===
A configuration management module will allow Wikka Administrators to configure system defaults directly from a Wikka interface.
Configurable preferences include many options that are currently handled by the [[Docs:ConfigurationOptions | wikka configuration file]]: //root page//, //site name//, //gui interface activation//, //user comments activation//, //upload path//, //wikiping server//, default //ACLs// etc. A system configuration module might also let Wikka Admins decide which actions are "activated", and hence which actions can be used by users.

===2. User Management ===
A user management module will allow Wikka Administrators to perform a number of operations on users, like //searching// users matching some criteria (e.g.: users whose name contains a certain string, users who registered after a certain date, users who never created their personal page, users who set certain preferences, users who asked for a password retrieval etc.), //sending feedback// to single users (or to a list of selected users), //banning// users, //creating// new users, managing user privileges etc.
**Pages of related interest**: UserAdmin, RemovingUsers, GroupManagement

===3. Page Management ===
A page management module will allow system-wide operations on pages, like deleting, renaming, merging or splitting pages and managing page categories. Operations on pages should be performed in a safe manner, because they can produce inconsistencies in the link structure of Wikka.
**Pages of related interest**: PageAdminAction, MovePages, RedirectingPages, CategorySystemOverhaul

===4. Referrers Management ===
The referrer management module will allow operations on referrers like sorting, grouping, blacklisting referrers or visualizing keywords used in search engines.

===5. Layout Management ===
The layout module will allow modifying features and setting defaults related to Wikka appearance, like default //skins// (with the possibility to edit them), default //menus//, the default //footer and header// (with the possibility to edit them).
**Pages of related interest**: WikkaCSS, WikkaSkinOptimization, WikkaSkinEditor, WikkaMenus

===6. Database Management ===
A database management module will allow maintenance operation on the database, like dumping the database, importing SQL data, etc.
**Pages of related interest**: CodeExportdb, WikkaFilters

===7. Bug Report Form ===
A form for sending feedback to wikka developers concerning bugs.

As a rule, the Administration Panel should be conceived as a //module// (i.e. an action), and should load the above management tools as submodules.

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