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Wikka Core - the structure of Wikka.php

Wikka.php is the main file of WikkaWiki. To understand, how Wikka works it is necessary to understand this file.

The functions

The functions of Wikka.php in alphabetical order.

sends a MySQL-query to Query, puts the result in an array and frees the memory with the results of the query
class: Wakka
parameters: $query (a MySQL query)
functions: Query, mysql_fetch_assoc, mysql_free_result
global variables: -
local variables: $data (array with every result of the query in one field), $r (stores the result of the query), $row (temporary stores one result of the query)
config options: -
is used by
functions: LoadSingle,...
comments: I couldn't find mysql_fetch_assoc. What does it do?

Query sends a MySQL-query to MySQL, returns the result and (optional) infos on time and query.
class: Wakka
parameters: $query (a MySQL query)
functions: GetMicroTime, GetConfigValue,mysql_query, ob_end_clean
global variables: $dblink (contains the connection to the database), queryLog (array with $query and $time)
local variables: $start, (starting time of the query) $time (time MySQL needed for executing the query)
config options: sql_debugging (if set to "1", queryLog is set)
is used by
functions: LoadAll
comments: Shouldn't be called directly, use LoadAll instead.

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