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Note on Missed Release Dates, July 2004:

Specifying release dates started because of feedback that said, "give us an idea of when the next release will be." So I started giving "Target dates". The metaphor is that you don't always hit a bulls eye when shooting at a target. And target dates are sometimes missed.

I continue to specify dates so that people will know that Wikka development hasn't been abandoned. ... It's just been delayed due to real life priorities.

This has been a learning experience and underscores the need to open up the development process to others. Moving development to is appearing to be the main option.

Feedback is welcome.

- JsnX

take it easy! wikka is for free and absolutely worth that price. so if anyone has complaints, he or she may take action. to put the source to a repository is a good idea. to provide the old version again while a revision is pending, too.

you may take a couple of minutes and point out which development tasks need attention, because i have no idea about the actual state. i can't promise too much, because it can get tricky to work on two different versions (and i will push my own fork forward according to my needs), but if you need some help you first have to communicate the issues.

Jason, I definitely agree that moving Wikka development to a repository and trying to understand whether there are people willing to contribute code is going to be a necessary step to keep Wikka alive. There are many cases of other Wakka forks (like Wikini) that have been able to gather a large community of developers/contributors and keep adding new features/fixing bugs on a daily basis. To me, what is interesting in wiki development is the way in which forks evolve from projects that are not able to keep up with their "competitors". It is clearly a case of "survival of the fittest": the only way to discourage migration of ideas to other forks or more mature projects consists in aggregating people. Otherwise, a project is doomed to natural extinction.
Apologies for the rudeness of these thoughts, they are just supposed to tease (not to discourage) people who follow with interest the prospects of this great project ;-)

-- DarTar

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