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Note on Missed Release Dates, July 2004:

Specifying release dates started because of feedback that said, "give us an idea of when the next release will be." So I started giving "Target dates". The metaphor is that you don't always hit a bulls eye when shooting at a target. And target dates are sometimes missed.

I continue to specify dates so that people will know that Wikka development hasn't been abandoned. ... It's just been delayed due to real life priorities.

This has been a learning experience and underscores the need to open up the development process to others. Moving development to is appearing to be the main option.

Feedback is welcome.

- JsnX

take it easy! wikka is for free and absolutely worth that price. so if anyone has complaints, he or she may take action. to put the source to a repository is a good idea. to provide the old version again while a revision is pending, too.

you may take a couple of minutes and point out which development tasks need attention, because i have no idea about the actual state. i can't promise too much, because it can get tricky to work on two different versions (and i will push my own fork forward according to my needs), but if you need some help you first have to communicate the issues.

bug in redesigned acl-handling?

btw: am i wrong or does the $wakka->hasaccess routine (v. 1.1.3) only check the user-rights against the present page, regardless if the parameter $tag is set or not? i haven't had a closer look, but as i understood, the check against $this->acls[$privilege."_acl"] only returns the right value, if $tag
$this->tag and else should be passed over to the loadacl-function as wakka did. -- DreckFehler
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