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Wikka Development

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The next release

the following things will be added/updated/fixed in the next release

Feature Additions

Bug fixes


For the next minor release

SQL instructions in seperate file
For ease of development, I'd move the SQL instructions for creating the default tables and pages during setup to two external .sql files, the first for table structure, the second for data (DarTar)

For the next major release

please give us back the "no cache" option on edit pages :)

Your thoughts about PagedComments? (DarTar)

TestSkin user skins (with new WikkaSkinOptimization css template); (DarTar)

WikkaDocumentation shipped with the installation (or maybe IncludeRemote not); (DarTar)

Need to be done




newpage: badly written (no input validation (will break if no page name submitted); superfluous hidden field used to detect submitted state; invalid XHTML): rewrite if we need it at all (note: mentioned on WikkaBugsResolved with a code change but this change isn't present in! So it's not resolved, and unchanged from I think it's much better to remove it though.

Older discussions

===== Wikka Documentation ===== 
A comprehensive and up-to-date documentation on Wikka Wiki can be found on the 
[[ main Wikka server]]

Agreed. --JavaWoman

For the time being, what about creating a default page called WikkaReleaseNotes containing a static link to the online WikkaReleaseNotes? (see my note above on why creating or overwriting a page during upgrade is not really a problem) -- DarTar

Actually, I'd like to see our current ReleaseNotes page here renamed to WikkaReleaseNotes; pages relating to Wikka itself really should start with 'Wikka': we already have WikkaDevelopment, WikkaBugs, WikkaBugsResolved, etc. (why not WikkaDocumentation?) - WikkaReleaseNotes would neatly fit into that pattern and be clearer than just "ReleaseNotes". Then someone writing about, say, a Calendar can create a page like FancyCalendarWikkaReleaseNotes etc.
I agree with DarTar that a page with a static link to the online release notes here, to be included with the install, would be a good temporary solution; to be replaced later by a mechanism like FetchRemote (once finished - but let's not wait for that!) (Note: edited somewhat for readablity - we now do have WikkaReleaseNotes and WikkaDocumentation as suggested.) --JavaWoman

=====Welcome to your Wikka site! ===== 
Thanks for installing [[Wikka:HomePage WikkaWiki]]! This site is running on version {{version}} (see WikkaReleaseNotes).
Double-click on this page or click on the "edit page" link at the bottom to get started.

Also don't forget to visit the [[Wikka:HomePage WikkaWiki website]]!

Useful pages: FormattingRules, WikkaDocumentation, OrphanedPages, WantedPages, TextSearch.

This should do it:
echo $this->VERSION;
Save as actions/version.php --JavaWoman (who for once doesn't document what she writes. ;o) )

Here it comes: this is Wikka version Unknown action ""version"". I wonder if it wouldn't be better to have such basic system plugins handled by the wikka formatter, instead of using an action. And maybe in the future {{version}} will print a link (fetchable or not) to WikkaReleaseNotes? -- DarTar

I'm in Rom till sunday so don't expect big changes before monday. Nils
Dropped. Geez, in the whole wide world it's only the Americans who spell it without the "u" we keep the U.S. spelling? Ironic.
spelling is ironic - you can always add a colour action yourself containing nothing but an include of actions/color.php, if you must. :) --JavaWoman
Liberia???? Japan I get (beaten in war). OAS I get (sucking up to U.S. ;) ). LIBERIA??? Liberia I don't get. (Simple, look up the history of Liberia; knowing that I could easily guess they'd be using American English(oh ya, I see what you mean. I'd forgotten that bit of history.). And where did you think the name Liberia came from? --JW) BTW, I didn't mean that spelling was ironic, I meant that the decision was, given efforts by various members on this wiki to "internationalize" the wiki. (Or, I could rename the file. Writing an action to include an action is a programmer's solution obviously. LOL ;-} ) -- Mike

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