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Wikka Development

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The next release

the following things will be added/updated/fixed in the next release

Feature Additions

Bug fixes


For the next minor release

SQL instructions in seperate file
For ease of development, I'd move the SQL instructions for creating the default tables and pages during setup to two external .sql files, the first for table structure, the second for data (DarTar)

For the next major release

please give us back the "no cache" option on edit pages :)

Your thoughts about PagedComments? (DarTar)

TestSkin user skins (with new WikkaSkinOptimization css template); (DarTar)

WikkaDocumentation shipped with the installation (or maybe IncludeRemote not); (DarTar)

Need to be done




newpage: badly written (no input validation (will break if no page name submitted); superfluous hidden field used to detect submitted state; invalid XHTML): rewrite if we need it at all (note: mentioned on WikkaBugsResolved with a code change but this change isn't present in! So it's not resolved, and unchanged from I think it's much better to remove it though.

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