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Wikka Documentation

This section hosts the official Wikka Documentation.
Contributions for missing entries and discussion are welcome.Documentation pages should follow these guidelines.

Wikka Documentation Server

We have setup a dedicated server ( to host the Wikka Documentation. This server is currently under construction: we are migrating/updating the documentation to match the forthcoming release (1.1.7). The docs are admin-only, if you want to contribute please register an account there and drop me a line at dartar AT wikkawiki DOT org so I can give you read/write access
-- DarTar, 2006-11-14


Documentation shortcuts


If the concept of a wiki is new to you

Wikka Vision

The Wikka way to content management


General documentation for end users


Documentation for experienced users and content administrators


Documentation for Wikka administrators


Developer documentation on the inner working and architecture of Wikka

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