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Comment by JeroenJansen
2005-01-28 11:35:43
Does Wikka support automatic user signatures in pages (not comments)? I need some code so that users don't need to enter their username and time/date when they are working on a page in ThreadMode. I've searched in the docs, but I could not find anything about this, any ideas?
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2005-01-28 11:48:40
No, at the moment it is not supported. I copy your suggestion to the SuggestionBox.
Comment by DarTar
2005-02-12 14:28:27
@Jsnx, brilliant ;-)
Comment by JasRandal
2005-04-06 18:47:22
I take it there's no Portuguese version of Wikka.

How then does one translate it? Such as the HomePage, Categories, and other links on the pages, as well as text?
Comment by JasRandal
2005-04-09 16:29:56
Can I get an answer on how to translate the wikka (or at least the links at top and bottom) into Portuguese?
Comment by
2005-04-09 19:11:22
Hi JasRandal!
(just a short answer - more on monday)
Unfortunately most of the language is still hardcoded in the code. The links on the bottom are the easiest part, because the list is stored in wikka.config.php ("navigation_links", "logged_in_navigation_links", "root_page"). I don't know if portuguese has special chars, but if it has they won't work as pagenames. In this case you can use something like [[Recentchanges Portuguese Translation]] in the config.php. For the links at the bottom, take a look at actions/footer.php
Comment by JasRandal
2005-04-09 19:20:34
OK, I started opening things up and saw the language, as you mentioned, in the code and did a good bit of translating. But with an upgrade, all this will be lost, am I right?

Portuguese has accents like á à é ê ç ã etc., so Brazilians are accustomed to leaving the accents out in a URL. No problem there.

The big question: Is there a way to substitute, say, HomePage and other pagenames in the header? The footer was easy enough, but the header pages are placed through code. I don't know how nor where to go to tinker with that. I'll see what I can do with your suggestion in the config.php files, though I don't really know php myself. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2005-04-11 10:26:34
>But with an upgrade, all this will be lost, am I right?
Unfortunately, it will be. As i mentioned above, the problem is that the english is in the code (and mixed with html sometimes). There is a PhraseList (only started) which will contain all english sentences (if someone finds the time to add it up).

(btw: replace the first "bottom" in the post above with "top")

>Is there a way to substitute, say, HomePage and other pagenames in the header?

What do you mean by header? The links you can see at the top? The pagenames?

>Thanks for the reply
Normally you would have gotten a faster reply, but since this project depends on "free"-time it can take some time, sometimes.
Comment by JasRandal
2005-04-12 15:12:50
Nils, thanks for your feedback. Was very helpful. I understand the delay caused by being a free-time project. I got a lot done on translation, not too hard to change the links. I've been playing with this, and am very pleased with its ease of use. If you wanna take a peek at where I'm testing it, it's here:
Comment by
2005-06-23 23:25:00
Has anyone compiled a list of wiki farms or hosting providers who use/offer wikka as the wiki engine, and if so, where can it be found? I've spent some time looking and so far the only one who explicitly lists their engine as wikka is

The freemind integration is key for what I'm doing, and for our community's purposes we'd like to use a more-or-less out-of-the-box kind of solution.

Paul Mc.
Comment by ChrisH
2006-01-05 04:51:44
Nils - Thanks for the tip on adding the image to the .header in the css file. I had to play with it a bit to get it right, but you got me pointed in the right direction. I added some more info to make it easier for the next new guy.
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2006-01-06 11:23:38
Thank DarTar, I only wrote the answer down :)
Comment by ChrisH
2006-01-06 18:01:37
Ok then - Thanks DarTar
Comment by JacobLahr
2006-01-31 06:12:41
Where may I put some code to appear at the beginning of each page in the content cell... not in the header.
ie. a short notification that it is possible to edit the page (for users that dont know of wiki principles)
Comment by DarTar
2006-01-31 06:46:24
You can do this by either hacking actions/header.php or handlers/page/show.php, depending on your needs.
Comment by JasRandal
2006-07-18 11:55:20
I searched but didn't find anything on this problem. I have wikka at root. I wanted to install some other programs, created subdirectories and uploaded them. But when I go to the url root/otherprogram/ even including index.php or whatever, wikka thinks I'm wanting to create a new page. How can I break out of wikka to get to this url and use the other program?
Comment by DarTar
2006-07-18 12:28:48
If you running Wikka on an Apache server, you just need to create in the folder that you don't want Wikka to process a .htaccess file with the following content:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine off

(You can for example copy the one in the /css directory)
Comment by JasRandal
2006-07-18 13:21:18
Wuuuunerful! Thanks, Dar!! Worked beautifully and was easy to take care of.
Comment by DotMG
2006-09-06 03:57:20
>> When creating a new page I get an extremely small editing form in WikiEdit. It happened rigth after new installation of

My solution: Edit wikka.config.php and change
"stylesheet" => "wikka.css",
"stylesheet" => "wikka.css?",

So nobody has to refresh the page.
Comment by DarTar
2006-09-06 13:22:05
Mahefa, agreed, although I guess the parameter should rather be appended by Wikka instead of being set in the config file.
Comment by BlueShirt
2006-10-21 20:15:00
I would like to be able to add sidebars (with links, etc.) and perhaps a nicer header to my pages. Where should I look for documentation on these issues? (I've browsed around quite a while, but I'm not having any luck!) Thanks!
Comment by ShaunC
2006-10-21 23:12:48
BlueShirt, check the contents of the actions/header.php and actions/footer.php files. You can add your own HTML in there that "wraps around" the output of each wiki page, changing the look to meet your needs.
Comment by BrianKoontz
2006-10-21 23:31:16
What Shaun addition, you might want to check out the TestSkins page ( for some inspiration!
Comment by BlueShirt
2006-11-03 08:31:11
Can I edit the history.php file so that each page retains a complete history? My page histories seem to go back only so far, but I need a complete record. (Or is there something else that I'm missing in the page history functionality?) Thanks!
Comment by DarTar
2006-11-03 12:03:20
First, to keep in the DB the whole history of revisions of your wiki you should set 'pages_purge_time' => '0',
in your config file.

Second, to display the whole history of a page (or the part of it stored in the DB) you should set in your user settings "Page revisions list limit" to 0. This will display the whole list of page revisions your wiki remembers.

Consider that using /history can produce a very heavy output: /revisions is a much more effective way of handling and displaying differences between page versions.
Comment by BlueShirt
2006-11-04 07:25:33
Thanks, DarTar!
Comment by BlueShirt
2006-11-04 07:55:02
I would like to add external links to the navigation links section of the header. I know how to edit the "logged_in_navigation_links" in the config file, but I seem unable to add a real link that goes to another website. Furthermore, I can't seem to get the code to work (anywhere) to have external links open in new browser pages. (Here's what I was using "<a href="" target="_blank">D2L</a>") Any ideas? Thanks!
Comment by MasinAlDujaili
2006-11-04 10:06:00
BlueShirt, independent of the fact that users should be able to decide by themselves if and how to open a link in a new page, have you tried putting the HTML statement in double double quotes in the config file? Like:
""<a href="" target="_blank">D2L</a>""
Comment by BlueShirt
2006-11-04 13:51:12
Thanks MasinAlDujaili! This worked. You have a point, but I'm dealing with a special circumstance.
Comment by WillyPs
2007-02-06 21:12:23
How do I, or a user, delete a page or category?
Comment by BrianKoontz
2007-02-06 21:17:41

On this site, you can't do it directly. Normally, you just add "/delete" after the page URL.

If you want a page deleted on this site, type "CategoryDeleteMe" (without the quotes) at the bottom of the page. We'll clean it up at some point down the road...
Comment by WillyPs
2007-02-07 18:37:49
Thanks, I just found the instructions page, don't know how I coulda missed it...

(I was pulling my hair out trying to remove a page I misspelled, from my own site. hehe)
Comment by UnDisclosed
2007-05-17 04:07:42
Why doesn't the Logout work?
I just installed 1163 and the section at the top offers Preferences/Logout.
But all that is offered is Preferences. Same is true here WikkaWiki.
This makes it tough if you're the Owner of the Wiki and want to logout
as Admin. Then login as an average, or unregistered user to test/ see
what they experience.

Comment by DarTar
2007-05-17 05:03:56
I don't get your point, please open a support ticket on our tracker if you find you've bumped into a bug.
Comment by UnDisclosed
2007-05-17 05:23:43
Thank you very much for your response.
What I'm trying to find out; is why does the top right-hand corner of nearly
every page (this page here included) offer "Preferences/Logout :: You are ..."
Meaning the linked portion:
Links to:
here at This link takes me to my preferences page (same is true
on my freshly installed version). Which is fine. But Why does it offer Logout,
when there is apparently no such thing?
the link: Preferences/Logout is just that, ONE link: Preferences.
Which has nothing to do with Logout (that I can find).
As I stated in my original post - it is really difficult to determine the differences
between the Admin experience and the Anonymous, or average Registered user
experience, if once you've logged on as an administrator, you can never logoff.

I hope I was clearer this time.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond.
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2007-05-17 06:16:37
You can find the logout button right next to 'Update Settings'. It will be placed more prominently in the next version. Splitting up {{usersettings}} into several actions is planed.
Comment by UnDisclosed
2007-05-17 07:09:39
HAH! I /can/ /not/ believe I didn't see that. :P
You're right! :) Thank you very much!
If I may suggest - it says Preferences/Logout currently.
Perhaps in the future these could be split into Preferences :: Logout.
Each, a link of it's own. Instead of being the same link as they are now.

Anyway, Thanks for your assistance!
Comment by BrianKoontz
2007-05-20 02:33:32
UnDisclosed, you can create you own Logout link: (next to last comment, I believe)
Comment by DarTar
2007-05-20 04:23:22
Brian, I'm afraid this (undocumented) functionality is currently unsupported by the latest version of UserSettings after the engine-wide $_REQUEST massacre and the removal of redirects in UserSettings. I think Marjolein is right that we should use a logout button instead of a link:
Comment by KairoMiami
2007-11-21 09:10:41
hi... for those failing on applying an own image to their website (as described on this page) at the very top, here's an example i offer:

edit wikka.css as shown below and upload it in the same directory again. no chmod necessary:



.header {
padding: 28px;
padding-top: 140px;
background-image: url("/pic/genfusion_logo_text_b.jpg"); background-color: #fff; background-repeat:no-repeat;


change the url to your own image, you can also use a http://.... - url

that's how it works for me so far, any hints very appreciated!!! :-)

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