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Wikka Mailing Lists

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The following mailing-list are available to keep up-to-date with the latest news from the Wikka development team and community of contributors:


wikka-news is a read-only, low-traffic list for important news and public announcements from the CreditsPage Wikka Development Team. You are welcome to subscribe to this list if you want to be notified of the release of upgrades.


wikka-community is an open-subscription, member-only list to discuss issues related to Wikka Development. You are welcome to subscribe to this list if you intend to actively contribute to the development of Wikka by posting patches or helping with the documentation.


wikka-dev is a private list for the internal coordination of Wikka development. Only members of the CreditsPage Development Team and site admins are subscribed to this list.

The above lists have recently been migrated from Old lists at will be closed in due time. Subscribers to those lists were automatically moved to the new ones and should receive a one-time notification.


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