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Wikka Menulets

As part of my proposal for a general overhaul of the WikkaMenus menu management system in WikkaWiki, I suggest we should turn the current system-generated items that occur in the main menu and footer menu into modular menulets, i.e. mini-actions generating content for menu items.
Any of these mini-actions can of course be used in pages as well.

Here's a list of potential menulets and their output, feel free to add your suggestions.

if ($this->GetUser()) {
        echo "You are ".$this->Format($this->GetUserName()); #i18n


DarTar, can you post your code for these actions here? The way some of the menu items are formatted now should be improved - but if this little project moves ahead (I hope) we might as well do it in the "menulets" action code instead of the current code. And new code should be ready for i18n as well (I don't know if yours is...) --JavaWoman

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