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===== Sites using WikkaWiki =====
''Currently listing **{{linkcount preformatted="0"}}** websites''

//Note: In an effort to keep this page as up-to-date as possible, I am in the process of removing dead links and other links that appear to no longer point to Wikka installations. If your link has been removed, and you believe it was removed in error, please [[|contact me]] to discuss.//

>>===Selected sites===
~-""<a href="WikkaSites#hn_Selected_Wikka-sites_with_custom_charsets">Custom charsets</a>""
~- ""<a href="WikkaSites#hn_A_selection_of_Wikka-sites_with_notable_layout">Notable layouts</a>""
~- ""<a href="WikkaSites#hn_Invisible_integration_of_Wikka_engine">Invisible integration</a>""
~- ""<a href="WikkaSites#hn_Wikka_as_a_software_developmentdocumentation_tool">Wikka as a software documentation tool</a>"" {{image url="images/icons/logos/sf.png" alt="" title="Hosted by"}} {{image url="images/icons/logos/berlios.png" alt="" title="Hosted by"}} {{image url="images/icons/logos/tux.png" alt="Linux" title="Linux distributions"}}
===[[WikkaFeaturedSites Featured Wikka sites]]===
~{{randomsite}} --- {{color hex="#666" text="randomly selected"}} [[[WikkaFeaturedSites show full list]]]
===See also===
~-[[IndependentWikkaReviews Wikka Reviews]]
~-[[WikkaLocalization Languages and charsets in Wikka]]
~-[[WikkaHosting Wikka hosting services]]
>>WikkaWiki has been [[IndependentWikkaReviews chosen]] by hundreds of users, projects, companies and organizations to run their websites. It currently powers websites in **37 languages**, including: Bosnian (//Bosanski//), Catalan (//Català//), Chinese Simplified (简体中文), Chinese Traditional (繁體中文), Croatian (//Hrvatski//), Czech (//Česky//), Danish (//Dansk//), Dutch (//Nederlands//), English, Esperanto, Estonian (//Eesti//), Finnish (//Suomea//), French (//Français//), Galician (//Galego//), German (//Deutsch//), Greek (Ελληνικά), Hebrew (עברית), Hungarian (//Magyarul//), Indonesian (//Bahasa Indonesia//), Italian (//Italiano//), Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), Lithuanian (Lietuvių), Malagasy, Norwegian (//Norsk//), Polish (//Polski//), Portuguese (//Português//), Brazilian Portuguese (//Português, Brasil//), Russian (Русский), Slovak (//Slovenská//), Spanish (//Español//), Sundanese (//Basa Sunda//), Swedish (//Svenska//), Thai (ไทย), Turkish (//Türkçe//), Urdu (اردو), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt).

Below is a **list of Wikka-powered websites** in alphabetical order. Most of them are retrieved from [[ search engines]] or from the [[Docs:ReferrersInfo referrer-list]] of this server. Many more wikka sites not listed in this page are access-restricted intranets of companies and organizations. Sites marked with a {{colour hex="#888888" text="(c)"}} have a custom layout; sites with a {{colour hex="#888888" text="(l)"}} have a localized interface.
//Feel free to add your own Wikka site!//
===Sites by name===
""<a href="WikkaSites#hn_A">A</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_B">B</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_C">C</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_D">D</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_E">E</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_F">F</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_G">G</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_H">H</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_I">I</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_J">J</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_K">K</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_L">L</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_M">M</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_N">N</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_O">O</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_P">P</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_Q">Q</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_R">R</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_S">S</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_T">T</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_U">U</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_V">V</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_W">W</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_X">X</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_Y">Y</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_Z">Z</a> | <a href="WikkaSites#hn_59ca4f8bbb">#</a>""
{{linkcount start="1"}}
>>==Selected Wikka-sites with [[WikkaLocalization custom charsets]]==
{{colour hex="#666666" text="(special fonts may be needed to display these sites)"}}
- [[ Chinese (simplified) - 简体中文]] (UTF-8)
- [[ Czech - Česky]] (ISO-8859-2)
- [[ Hebrew - עברית]] (WINDOWS-1255)
- [[ Polish - Polski]] (ISO-8859-2)
- [[ Urdu - اردو]] (UTF-8)
==A selection of Wikka-sites with notable layout==
- [[ PHPlist]]
- [[ TrawonienWiki]]
==[[Docs:InvisibleWiki Invisible integration]] of Wikka engine==
- [[ Dartar's Homepage]]
- [[ Emerald Island]]
- [[ ExaTorq Tuning and Performance]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c) 2-column layout]"}}
==Wikka as a software development/documentation tool==
{{image url="images/icons/logos/sf.png" alt="" title="Hosted by"}} {{colour hex="#666666" text=" project"}}
{{image url="images/icons/logos/berlios.png" alt="" title="Hosted by"}} {{colour hex="#666666" text="BerliOS project"}}
{{image url="images/icons/logos/tux.png" alt="Linux" title="Linux distributions"}} {{colour hex="#666666" text="Linux distributions"}}
- [[ Astronomy]]{{image url="images/icons/logos/sf.png" alt="" title="Hosted by"}}
- [[ CRUX]]{{image url="images/icons/logos/tux.png" alt="Linux" title="Linux distributions"}}
- [[ Epiphanic Networks]]
- [[ ExiteCMS]]
- [[ FreeBasic]]
- [[ GLScene: OpenGL Library for Delphi]]{{image url="images/icons/logos/sf.png" alt="" title="Hosted by"}}
- [[ PHPlist]]
- [[ Slackware Linux Forum]]{{image url="images/icons/logos/tux.png" alt="Linux" title="Linux distributions"}}
- [[ XQilla]]{{image url="images/icons/logos/sf.png" alt="" title="Hosted by"}}
- [[ Advanced Internet Research Group Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ AKB Engineering]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Alauda Linux Driver Development]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Andreas Tobola]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German/English]"}}
- [[ Astronomy]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Atheist Bible]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ BeeGFS Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ BotTrapWiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ BOUNDLESS Official Guide]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Brainy Groveland]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ BRFPorten]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Swedish]"}}
- [[ Brilaps Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Brooklands Sports Club]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Buddy5 Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Simplified Chinese]"}}
- [[ Canisius College Psychology Department Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Carrion Fields Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Castellani-Con X: El Borracho]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ CESE Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Chess Assistant]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Clan Ranta: An Asheron's Call Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ CookerSpot]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English French Spanish German]"}}
- [[ CRUX]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ CTEX]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Chinese (simplified)]"}}
- [[ Cybernetics Wiki Workshops]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Italian]"}}
- [[ Dafke]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ DarTar's homepage]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Diabetycy]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Polish (c)(l)]"}}
- [[ Disc-o-Fever Würzburg]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German]"}}
- [[ The Directorium]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ eComStation]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Editions L. Mauguin]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[French (c)]"}}
- [[ Elements of Electronic Rhetoric]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Emerald Island]]{{colour hex="#888888" text="[French (c)]"}}
- [[ Epiphanic Networks]] {{color hex="#888888" text="[English, (some) Spanish]"}}
- [[ Euroburners]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Europäische Verbund für territoriale Zusammenarbeit]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ EVE-Survival]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ ExaTorq Tuning and Performance]] {{color hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ ExiteCMS]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English, multilingual]"}}
- [[ Ferrando Lab Wiki Protocols site]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Finite Element Method Magnetics]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Flyover War Backstage]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ FreeBasic]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Freemap Slovakia]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Slovak]"}}
- [[ Fritt Regnskap]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Norwegian]"}}
- [[ FunTOM Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Czech]"}}
- [[ George Mason University Motion and Shape Computing (MASC) Group]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ GLScene: OpenGL Library for Delphi]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Gradus in Obscuritatem (GiO) - Vampire Live in Berlin und Brandenburg]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (cl)]"}}
- [[ Das Grosse Heer]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ Guegue Comunicaciones]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ Gungirl Sequencer]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Haisoft Support]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English/French (c)]"}}
- [[ Hempel Krzymuski Partner]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}

- [[ Il wiki della programmazione]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Italian]"}}
- [[ Insu^tv wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Italian (c)]"}}
- [[ itextXML]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ JavaCM @]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Jens Maus]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Jimi Oke]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ jLaBase Development]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ KESGRAVE COMMUNITY WEBSITE]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ KFlickr]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Kikipedia - קיקיפדיה]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Hebrew (l)]"}}
- [[ Kings of Chaos Help Guide]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ KnowledgeOfAsia]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Koppermine]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Leah Keshet Research Group UBC]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ LEIBnix]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Liberal Awakening]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Lily Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ Lindëfirion wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English, Finnish]"}}
- [[ Magic User Group Knowledge Base]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[http:// Maulana Sheikh Nazim]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Meditation4all Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ MKM/CXX]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ MoneyWiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ M0n0wall Documentation Project]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ MosaicMinds]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Nählexikon für Nutzer von Freiarm-, Overlock- und Coverlock Nähmaschinen]]{{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English, Dutch (c)]"}}
- [[]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ OpenNIC Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ OpenPLi Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ OpenSpectrum UK]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Orsorum]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English and any other (c)]"}}
- [[ The PARIS Wiki 2010]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Parus's working place]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Korean]"}}
- [[ Performance Testing Knowledge Base]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Community]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ PHPmotion Media Sharing]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ PHP XTemplate Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ PLi® Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Population III Wiki Site]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German]"}}
- [[ Programming Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Project Elpis Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Pulp.Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ PuppyLinuxWiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}

- [[ Research Group of Daniel G. Nocera]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ RISC OS North West User Group ]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}

- [[ ScoreHero Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Higher Wiki - The knowledge base of the University Schmalkalden]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ Sébastien CELLES]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[French]"}}
- [[ Sistemi di Calcolo - Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria Informatica e Automatica ]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Italian]"}}
- [[ Slackware Forum Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ Srilanka Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Sustainable Bellingham]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ Teachmaster Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Technical Computer Science Group, Bonn University]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German (c)]"}}
- [[ TrawonienWiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[German]"}}
- [[ TT-Ural.Info Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Russian]"}}
- [[ Urban Paganism Wiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ UrduWiki - اردو وکی]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Urdu]"}}
- [[ Verminkt: de Heilige Drievuldigheid]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[Dutch]"}}

- [[ webERP]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Ian Hayhurst's Homepage]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ WikkaGopher]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}---World's first wiki-based gopher proxy
- [[ Wikka Wiki FR]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[French (l)]"}}
- [[ Woda, the Web Oriented DAtabase]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c))]"}}

- [[ xmlsh - XML Shell]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ XQilla]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}
- [[ XTemplate: PHP Template engine]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ XTrackCAD (model railroad layout software)]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ XUI: Rich Internet Application framework]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ Yrazul - A D&D Campaign]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English]"}}
- [[ ZHANGroup]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English/Chinese (Simplified)]"}}
- [[ 4WDiki]] {{colour hex="#888888" text="[English (c)]"}}

~& I suggest using a link-checker on this page as a lot of wikis either are not found, don't contain any wikis, are protected sites or have expired domain names. --DaC
~~& DaC is absolutely right. If I may make a suggestion, 'Snap Preview Anywhere' ( might improve this page and give an easy way of seeing busted links. --DavePreston
~~~& I have compiled a list of the busted pages: WikkaSitesBrokenLinks. Right now I don't have the time to parse it but at least it can be used as a starting point. All "forbidden request" pages have been checked manually.--DaC

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