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===== Wikka Skin Editor =====

<<===Theme support available in 1.2!===
This page refers to beta functionality supported until Wikka 1.1.x. As of [[Docs:WhatsNew12 | version 1.2]] Wikka introduces support for 100%-modular **themes**: check [[Docs:WikkaThemes | this page]] for more information or this [[ | tutorial]] to learn how to design custom themes.
This actions extends the WikkaSkinSelector giving Wikka Administrators the possibility to **edit skins** directly from a Wikka page.
The "edit" option is safely "masked" to normal users, who can only //select// alternate skins, but not modify them.
If you don't need to modify WikkaSkins, and just want to give the user the possibility to switch between alternate skins, please install the basic WikkaSkinSelector instead.
''Feedback is welcome, especially on security issues.''

==Important note==
The WikkaSkinEditor //writes// files to your wikka ##css/## folder.
Please backup all your css before testing this action and use sample css sheets if you are not sure of what you are doing.

~-Your browser must accept cookies in order for the skin selector to work.
~-The ##css/## folder of your wikka installation must be write-accessible for the skin editor to work (##chmod -R 777 css/ ##).

=== Installation ===

Here's the three-step installation:

== 1. Add your custom [[Docs:WikkaSkins | skins]] ==

Just put all your skins in the ##css/## folder of your Wikka installation.
Many skins can be downloaded and shared from the unofficial WikkaSkinsRepository.

== 2. Create the skin editor action (##actions/editskin.php##) ==
''2004-11-25: minor update - xml.css and print.css masked''

Save the code below in a new file called ##actions/editskin.php##:

// Wikka Skin Editor
// Allows Wikka Administrators to switch, edit and modify Wikka skins.
// The "Edit" field is masked to non-administrators, who can only select alternate skins.
// The css/ folder must be write-accessible for the modifications to take effect.

$currentskin = $this->GetCookie("wikiskin");
echo $this->Format("=== Select a Wikka skin: === --- ");
switch ($_POST["action"]) {
case "Save modified skin":
// saves modified skin to file
$css_file = fopen("css/".$currentskin, "w+");
fwrite($css_file, $_POST["mod_css_content"]);
// no break
case "Set skin":
$this->SetPersistentCookie("wikiskin", $_POST["skin"]);
case "Edit skin":
$css_file = fopen("css/".$currentskin, "r");
$css_contents = fread($css_file, filesize("css/".$currentskin));
$showskin = '<textarea name="mod_css_content" cols="50" rows="15">'.$css_contents.'</textarea><br />'.
'<input type="submit" name="action" value="Save modified skin" /><br />';
$handle = opendir('css/');
print $this->FormOpen("","","post");
echo '<select name="skin">';
$noskinmask = '^(xml.css|print.css|\.(.*))$';
while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
if (!preg_match('/'.$noskinmask.'/', $file)) {
$selected = ($file == $currentskin)? " selected=\"selected\"" : "";
print '<option value="'.$file.'"'.$selected.'>'.$file.'</option>';
echo '</select>';
echo '<input type="submit" name="action" value="Set skin" /><br />';
if ($this->IsAdmin()) {
echo $this->Format(" --- **".$currentskin."** ").'<input type="submit" name="action" value="Edit skin" /><br />';
echo $showskin;
print $this->FormClose();

== 3. Modify the Wikka Header (##actions/header.php##)==

To allow skin selection a small modification of the header is needed:

**original ##actions/header.php##**
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/<?php echo $this->GetConfigValue("stylesheet") ?>" />

**modified ##actions/header.php##**
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/<?php echo ($this->GetCookie("wikiskin"))? $this->GetCookie("wikiskin"): $this->GetConfigValue("stylesheet") ?>" />

=== How to use the skin editor ===

Just insert ##""{{editskin}}""## in a wikka page and start playing.

-- DarTar

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