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[[AdminTools Admin Homepage]]
===== Release Check List =====

<<Current Status: **A. Pre-release**
Version: **1.3.1**

==Check-list How-To==
~1)Please use ##""{{todo}}""##, ##""{{done}}""## and ##""{{failed}}""## to mark **single items**.
~1)Change the whole **section status** (##""{{open}}""##/##""{{closed}}""##) only when all the subitems are done.
~1)Update the **current status** above only when the previous section is closed.

==={{done}} A. Pre-release ===
//These are checkpoints for the process up to the actual release.//

~1)== {{done}} Decide which [[ tickets]] should be closed==
~~- {{done}} Decide which beta features to include
~~- {{done}} Decide which open Bugs to fix
~~- {{done}} Decide what tasks need to be done
~~- {{done}} move open tickets to another milestone
~2)== {{done}} Update defaults ==
~~- installation pages
~~- default config
~~-Add default pages to external sql file---''(we will do this starting from the next release)''
~5)== {{done}} Third-party software==
~~-If new version is available:
~~~-{{done}} Test (and fix) integration with Wikka
~~~-{{done}} Update thirdparty.txt
~~~-{{done}} Update ThirdpartyInfo
~6)== {{done}} Private alpha ==
~7)== {{done}} Public beta==
~~-Announcements to be made at:
~~~-{{done}} HomePage
~~~-{{done}} (maybe) small note at the top of WikkaReleaseNotes
~~~-{{done}} [[ Tracker]]

==={{open}} B. Release ===
//Checkpoints for the actual release process//

~1)== {{done}} Build==
~~-{{done}}Build distribution tarball and zipfile from tag
~~-{{done}}Generate [[AdminWikkaSecurity checksums and sigs]]
~~-{{done}}Modify [[Docs:WhatsNew]], [[Docs:Installing131]], and [[Docs:WikkaFeatures]] links to point to current release page; be sure to update the ##Browse the source## and section and diff links with current revision.
~~-{{done}}Modify [[Docs:WikkaReleaseNotes]] as appropriate
~~-{{done}}Generate CHANGES.txt and CHANGES.htm from [[Docs:WikkaReleaseNotes]]
~~-{{done}}Update download links [[HomePage here]] and [[Docs:WhatsNew here]]
~2)== {{done}} Feed [[ SVN]] ==
~~- {{done}} create a branch for the new version
~~- {{done}} create a tag for the new version
~3)== {{done}}Feed download locations==
~~- {{done}} Wikka site
~4)== {{open}} Wikka site==
~~-{{done}} Update the official documentation on the website, possibly searching for all occurrences of the [[ previous version]] (note: since **** the official documentation is hosted on the the [[ new docs server]]).
~~-{{todo}} Create [[ documentation pages]] for new features if needed. Version specific documentation pages must be tagged using the dedicated ##""{{since version="1.3"}}""## action. ''Some actions lacking dedicated pages
~~-{{done}} Update changed/enhanced features
~~-{{todo}} Update [[ ConfigurationOptions]] if any new configuration options were added
~~-{{done}} Update [[ ThirdPartyInfo]] if needed
~~-{{done}} Update CreditsPage if needed
~~-{{todo}} update the CSS overview on WikkaSkins
~~-{{todo}} update [[ WikkaSystemFiles]]
~~-{{todo}} update [[ WikkaSystemFilesMM]]
~~-{{todo}} update [[ WikkaCore]] if needed
~~-{{todo}} update [[ HandlerInfo]] if needed
~~-{{todo}} update [[ UsingActions]] if needed
~5)== {{done}}Upgrade the [[ Demo server]] to the latest version==

==={{open}} C. After release ===
//On publishing new Wikka releases the following points should be taken care of.//

~1)== {{done}} Public announcements==
~~-{{done}} Wikka site:
~~~-{{done}} Update HomePage and link to new download
~~~-{{done}} Update WhatsNew and WhatsNewBeta by changing the target page referred to in the ##""{{include}}""## action.
~~~-{{done}} Post announcement on the [[WikkaMailingLists mailing lists]] and the [[ blog]].
~2)== {{done}} [[Docs:ThirdPartyInfo Third-party software]]==
~~-Notify third-party software authors/development teams about:
~~~-New bundle (e.g., GeSHi in
~~~-New version bundled (e.g., SafeHTML upgrade in
~~~-Just that there's a new version of Wikka that bundles their software as before
~~-Authors of the following packages should be contacted:
~~~-{{todo}} FreeMind - Daniel Polanský - dan [dot] polansky [at] seznam [dot] cz ( ->
~~~-{{todo}} SafeHTML - Roman Ivanov - thingol [at] mail [dot] ru (
~~~-++{{failed}} WikiEdit - Roman Ivanov - thingol [at] mail [dot] ru ( ''(replaced by WikkaEdit in''
~~~-{{todo}} GeSHi - ""Nigel McNie"" - oracle [dot] shinoda [at] gmail [dot] com (
~~~-++{{failed}} Onyx-RSS - There is no longer a domain / contact address for Onyx-RSS!++ ''(replaced by Feedcreator in 1.3.1)''
~~~-{{done}} Feedcreator - info [at] feedcreator [dot] org (
~3)== {{open}} External sites==
~~-{{todo}} Update external sites (check especially direct download links):
~~~-{{todo}} [[ Freshmeat — wikka]] ''(login needed: DarTar has access)''
~~~~Detailed release notes
~~~~(Optionally) upload new screenshot for new features
~~~-{{todo}} [[ Hotscripts — wikka]] ''(login needed: DarTar has access)''
~~~~Detailed release notes
~~~-{{todo}} [[ Needscripts — wikka]] ''(login needed: DarTar has access)''
~~~~Detailed release notes
~~~-{{done}} [[ — WikkaWiki]] ''(no edit restrictions)''
~~~~Major additions only
~~~-{{done}} [[ Meatball — WikkaWiki]] ''(no edit restrictions)''
~~~~Major additions only
~~~-{{done}} [[ Wikipedia — WikkaWiki]] ''(no edit restrictions - update other languages too)''
~~~~Major additions only
~~~-{{todo}} WP localized pages should be updated accordingly, where possible:
~~~~-{{todo}} [[ de]]
~~~~-{{todo}} [[ es]]
~~~~-{{todo}} [[ fr]]
~~~~-{{todo}} [[ it]]
~~~~-{{todo}} [[ mg]]
~~~~-{{todo}} [[ pl]]
~~~~-{{todo}} [[ zh]]
~~~-{{done}} [[ Wikipedia — Comparison of wiki software]] ''(no edit restrictions)''
~~~-{{todo}} [[ Wikimatrix]] ''(DarTar has access - update Wiki page, announcements, feature list)''
~~~~Major additions only
~~~-{{failed}} ++[[ Softpedia]] ''send [[ update request]] when a release is available'' ++ ''no longer listed''
~~~-{{done}} [[ FreeMind "Stuff"]] ''(initially add (explaining FreeMind support); for versions > extensions of support for FreeMind only)''
~~~-{{todo}} [[;listingId=N6Egood5AqhtUTbcNPExNA CMS Matrix]] ''(login needed: DarTar has access)''
~~~-{{done}} [[ Swik]] ''(no edit restrictions)''
~~~-{{todo}} [[ WikiMatrix]] ''(no edit restrictions)'' ''Unclear how to edit the left sidebar''
~~~-{{done}} [[ WikiEngineComparison]] ''(no edit restrictions)''
~~~-{{done}}[[ Free Software Directory]] ''(send updates to''
~~~~{{todo}}Addition of new features to the table
~~-{{todo}} Ask for reviews/announcements:
~~~-{{todo}} [[ OpenSourceCMS]] ''(login needed: DarTar has access)''
~~~-{{todo}} [[ FramaSoft]]
~~~-{{todo}} [[]] request announcement
~~~-{{todo}} [[ Wiki-comparison in the Gruenderwiki]] "(edit only with a name)"
~4)== {{open}} Other tasks==
~~-{{done}} Modify ##downloads/latest_wikka_version.txt## to reflect latest release version (needed for ##""{{checkversion}}""## action)
~~-{{todo}} Clone AdminReleaseCheckListTemplate to ""AdminReleaseCheckList<nextversion>""; change include in AdminReleaseCheckList to point to new version checklist
~~-{{done}} Update [[Docs:WikkaReleaseNotes]] for upcoming version
~~-{{done}} Create ""WhatsNew<nextversion>"" page on docs server for upcoming version

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