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I'm the coordinator for the Computer Science and Open Source Technology programs at North Lake College in Irving, TX. I've worked my way through several versions of the Wakka->Wacko->Wikka progeny line. Wakka dead-ended on me, while my Russian never did get any better with Wacko (no, I don't speak Russian, which made it very difficult to work with Wacko beyond the level of an end user). I would like to see, at some point down the road, a merger of the best of features in both Wacko and Wikka...I believe both have their strong points, and it would be such a waste to see features in one lost on the other.

Wikka stuff

I wrote a perl script to MigrateFromWackoWiki migrate my Wacko pages to Wikka. The code is documented, so I won't bore anyone with the details.

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