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Why I'm here

I'm the coordinator for the Computer Science and Open Source Technology (OST) programs at North Lake College in Irving, TX. I've worked my way through several versions of the Wakka->Wacko->Wikka progeny line. Wakka dead-ended on me, while my Russian never did get any better with Wacko (no, I don't speak Russian, which made it very difficult to work with Wacko beyond the level of an end user). I'm currently using Wikka to host the course notes and other miscellaneous items for the OST program. I would like to see, at some point down the road, a merger of the best of features in both Wacko and Wikka...I believe both have their strong points, and it would be such a waste to see features in one lost on the other.

Wikka stuff

Wiki survey
Found this one on MeatballWiki: A corporate wiki survey from the University of Southern California and the City University of Hong Kong. Looks like they're giving away an iPod as an incentive to participate. Of course, you were going to participate without the incentive, weren't you?

Stuff I've written

Stuff others have written that I've found useful

Contact info

Brian Koontz
North Lake College
Irving, TX

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