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Layout Pages

This category contains links to pages related to Wikka layout and the use of CSS stylesheets.
When creating such pages, be sure to include Category Layout [without space] at the bottom of each page, so that page shows here.

The following 21 page(s) belong to CategoryLayout

CategoryStyle [CategoryStyle] ChartStyling [ChartStyling] FixedForegroundImage [FixedForegroundImage]
InlineCommentFormatter [InlineCommentFormatter] LinkTails [LinkTails] Mod021fPrintableViewCSS [Mod021fPrintableViewCSS]
Mod038fWikkaSkins [Mod038fWikkaSkins] MySkin [MySkin] TemplateSystem [TemplateSystem]
TestHomePageLayout [TestHomePageLayout] TestSkin [TestSkin] TwoColumnLayout [TwoColumnLayout]
WikkaCSS [WikkaCSS] WikkaHeadings [WikkaHeadings] WikkaMarkupHighlighting [WikkaMarkupHighlighting]
WikkaSkinEditor [WikkaSkinEditor] WikkaSkinOptimization [WikkaSkinOptimization] WikkaSkins [WikkaSkins]
WikkaSkinSelector [WikkaSkinSelector] WikkaSkinsRepository [WikkaSkinsRepository] XmlStyleSheet [XmlStyleSheet]

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