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My WikiName is my real name.

I am a frenchie working in the USA as "Lead Business Analyst" which means I am interfacing between the IT tekkies and the Business Communities.

My company uses eRoom through the portals for collaboration and it is an efficient tool. Yet I think we have plenty of space to improve the collaborative work using Wikis.
So I am decided to have a pilot pretty soon available to demonstrate the added value of this concept.

I have been experiencing dozens of open source WikiClones and only a few finally retained my attention.
Among these, Wikka Wiki comes on top.

As I do not want to compete with other tools available in my company, more powerful solutions like TikiWiki are out.
I also like MediaWiki but Wikka is quicker and still has some more interseting features.

Nothing being perfect, I am trying to figure out how to provide a few missing functionalities:
Anyway, I want to salute the great work done so far :-))

I truly appreciate the work that has been produced so far to deliver what I consider as the best Wiki - and I have tried everything available as open source until end of December 2004 - Well there are some nice features from other wikis I'd like to see in Wikka so one of the way to get them is to contribute!
Here are my contributions so far: There are still a few things I did not share because too specific or not mature enough.
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Comment by JavaWoman
2004-11-19 19:30:13
"Having WikiNames the same as WikiName"
Not sure what you mean with this - but if you are referrring to the fact that the first is a plural - that only happens to be true for *most* plurals in English: there's no way to be sure that something that ends in an 's' is actually a plural form of something else that is the same without the ending 's': not in English and certainly not in other languages.
Try the following simple Wikka markup: [[WikiName]]s

"Having WikiNames being displayed as Wiki Names"
A similar case - you cannot be sure (especially with people's names) that a WikiWord would _have_ to be split into separate words at the capitals.
Simple Wikka markup: [[WikiName Wiki Name]]s
Comment by DarTar
2005-01-06 19:20:16
Christian, {{mypages}} does not display Christian's pages, but the current (registered) user's pages: I'm now seeing on your personal page a list of the pages I own. I gues this is not what you had in mind ;-)

You can use the beta action {{userpages}} instead.
Just add in your page {{userpages user="ChristianBarthelemy"}}.
Comment by DarTar
2005-01-06 19:45:55
Christian, I guess that {{userpage user="DarTar"}} is not what you meant either :))
2005-01-06 20:01:21
Well, I typed {{userpages user=ChristianBarthelemy}} so it sounds like a bug?
Comment by DarTar
2005-01-06 20:11:20
Oops, sorry! Forget what I said above. Userpages accepts URL parameters (it was meant as a beta module of the user administration interface), but not yet action parameters...
Comment by GmBowen
2005-01-06 20:29:02
phewww...thank heaven's for THIS discussion. I was wondering/worried why Christian was so keen to look at a list of pages that I owned. I was feeling kinda "stalked" ya know. LOL.
2005-01-06 20:32:29
Okay I think I should remove this code right now :-))
Comment by RichArd
2005-02-25 13:25:18
SoWhatAreTheNews ...that was fast. thx.
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