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Comment by JavaWoman
2004-12-10 21:24:33
Um, Mike - when I go there, what I see is Japanese, not Korean. ???
If you look at the (generated) page sourc, you'll also see "charset=EUC-JP" - which confirms it. ;-)
Comment by GmBowen
2004-12-10 21:40:44
Oh, well....the main site started as far as I could tell in korean & had links to japanese and english front I assumed it was korean. But that COULD explain why google sucked so bad at translating it. LOL. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll try translating it using the starting language as japanese. May not matter.....I can't get the #paint working on THEIR system maybe non-functional now. Wish I could find a good paint package in flash (ya ya, I know, you hate flash. LOL).
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-12-10 21:53:01
Try this for the "English" site :) -

Oh - are you responsible for that "lowspan"? :D
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-12-10 22:11:58
Probably not - I just found this page: - also with 'colspan' and 'lowspan' ( nice example of Engrish! :) ) - which I just corrected, LOL!
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-12-10 22:23:36
No crash for the #paint thingie - just a Java error, the applet doesn't get initiated. I don't have the latest VM though - what version do you have / what does it need?

Here's the full error message from the Java console:

Java(TM) Plug-in: Version 1.3.1
Using JRE version 1.3.1 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
User home directory = R:\Documents and Settings\Administrator

Proxy Configuration: Browser Proxy Configuration

c: clear console window
f: finalize objects on finalization queue
g: garbage collect
h: display this help message
l: dump classloader list
m: print memory usage
q: hide console
s: dump system properties
t: dump thread list
x: clear classloader cache
0-5: set trace level to <n>
java.lang.SecurityException: cannot verify signature block file META-INF/ZIGBERT
at Source)
at java.util.jar.JarVerifier.processEntry(Unknown Source)
at java.util.jar.JarVerifier.update(Unknown Source)
at java.util.jar.JarFile.initializeVerifier(Unknown Source)
at java.util.jar.JarFile.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
at sun.misc.URLClassPath$4.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
at sun.misc.Resource.getBytes(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at$100(Unknown Source)
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
at$201(Unknown Source)
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.loadCode(Unknown Source)
at sun.applet.AppletPanel.createApplet(Unknown Source)
at sun.plugin.AppletViewer.createApplet(Unknown Source)
at sun.applet.AppletPanel.runLoader(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
Comment by GmBowen
2004-12-11 04:16:35
Hmmmm....well, my XP machine may not be the current java release (and it doesn't work there) but my Win98 machine has the current release and it doesn't work there either (doesn't crash the machine tho'). Guess it's not just my install so my japanese/korean must be better than I thought. Sigh. I think this is why I want a flash-based paint tool....self updating & less flakier than java.....just gotta find one. Thanks for taking a look tho'. Weird part is, I coulda sworn that 3 weeks ago when I first found this site that the paint package worked.
Comment by ChristianBarthelemy
2004-12-13 14:20:40
Mike I am interested by the {{threads}} action: could you please tell us more about it?
Comment by GmBowen
2004-12-13 16:07:06
Hiya Christian....
Ya....well, basically it's kinda like the "comment" system, but allows you to designate a graphic etc for commenting, and a participant list. It's intended so that kids could generate a graphic or a datatable etc, then solicit feedback from specific individuals...why something else on "top of" the comment system??....basically cuz the "feel" is a bit different. (also, there'll be an "extended" version coming that'll be for threaded conversations) You can see it (without the "entry boxes" of have to be both registered & a designated user to see those) at .... it looks like in actual use. The example is stipulated using the statement....
@@{{threads image="boxes.PNG" caption="This is the caption (or title) of a test thread." share="KaspEr"}}@@ so only the owner & KaspEr could use it. The graphic call (boxes.PNG) goes directly to the directory "owned" by the page owner (in my implementation, each logged in user is designated a directory for saving images to (from the on-line paint system) & image my file upload system goes my username not by pagename). I can post the code if you want for the thread action. With some re-formatting of the output it'd look blog-like...then it'd need some pagination & the ability to "hook in" comments to specific parts (like in a blog). Cheers,
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