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Edited on 2005-02-16 22:53:47 by JavaWoman [reaction re: ReturnSafeHtml()]
~&Actually, SafeHTML is needed only for those "parts" of an action where user input **directly** results in HTML output (such as an action parameter //used as// a tag attribute). When HTML is completely **generated** by an action, it's not needed (Wikka should take care by itself that //generated// code is "safe"). --JavaWoman

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Edited on 2005-02-16 13:55:48 by IanAndolina [Suggested SemanticMarkup code cleanup...]
As part of the SemanticMarkup drive, why not replace //all// that tag-soup table with:
$highlightMatch = preg_replace("/($phrase)/i","<em><em>$1</em></em>",$text,-1);
$matchText = "…".$highlightMatch."…";
$output .= "\n<p>".($i+1)." ".$this->Link($page["tag"])." — ".$page[time]."</p>";
$output .= "\n<blockquote>".$matchText."</blockquote>\n";%%
You remove all the unnecessary table and presentational spans. Use CSS to present the double emphasis exactly how you want, that is what CSS is there for. --IanAndolina

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