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This is an open list of features that have been requested by users. [Not necessarily in order of priority]

- this is already solved by a cute wakka-modification. i'll check it with the author if we can use it with some slight improvements. assigned to DreckFehler
An example of this could be:
Home > Countries > Europe
This would allow for pages to have a more defined structure relating them together. [SimonKnight]
- huh! there's a lot to do without link adjustment (which isn't done with a single sql-query). mindWiki has instead the ability to store a special redirector under the old pagename and this way it keeps the links working. but this feature should be handled with care! assigned to DreckFehler
- this too is addressed in a wakka-mod (i don't remember who is responsible for it) but it's no big deal to do it from scratch. assigned to Dreckfehler
- where has the lovely "don't cache" checkbox in the editor gone. it's not bad to flag minor changes in some way like this. [DreckFehler]

More details still to come....
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