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Welcome to Wikka

What is Wikka?

Main features that are new or improved in Wikka:



Email comments to: [Jason T.]
Or leave feedback here on this wiki.

Try it out

Check out the FormattingRules and then play in the SandBox.
If you like what you see and want to have a page here, CreateNewPage.
Feedback is very much welcome in the SuggestionBox.

Alternative wiki engines to consider

- WackoWiki. Wacko has many features beyond what Wikka offers and is worthy of consideration. Although Wikka is still a good choice. ;)
- WikkaRTE -- Wikka's sibling...still in the early planning stage.


Almost all WikkaModifications Wikka modifications made from the original Wakka sources are documented.

Visually browse code differences between Wikka and Wakka:
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