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Wikka wizard

What is Wikka?

Wikka is PHP/MySQL wiki engine based on forked code from WakkaWiki.
If you are considering WakkaWiki, consider trying Wikka. It has many bug fixes and improvements beyond Wakka 0.1.3-dev...

Try it out

Check out the FormattingRules and then play in the SandBox.


(Coming soon...Target Date: June 28) - ReleaseNotes - UpgradeNotes
[Please note: The download link has been removed because the next version is going to have significant changes, and for new installs it will be best to wait for the new version.]
Update: June 29th... Real world duties have slowed Wikka development recently. This will change soon. The revised target date for the next release is July 12 -- at the latest.


Feedback is very much welcome in the SuggestionBox.
Or if you prefer email, send comments to wikka-admin@jsnx.com [Jason T.]

Alternative wiki engines to consider

- WackoWiki. Wacko shares the same ancestry as Wikka, has many features and is worthy of consideration.



Wondering what happened to the WakkaWiki site? Check the WakkaWiki page for an email response from Hendrik Mans.
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