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Wikka wizard

What is Wikka?

WikkaWiki is a FlexibleWikka flexible and LightweightInfo lightweight WikiEngine wiki engine written in PHP, which uses MySQL to store pages. Forked from WakkaWiki. Designed for SpeedInfo speed, ExtensibleInfo extensibility, and security. Released under the LicenseInfo GPL license.

Try it out

Check out the FormattingRules and then play in the SandBox.


Latest stable release:
Wikka- [ WikkaReleaseNotes what's new ] Released on September 27, 2004

Beta release:
A beta release of version is available. You are welcome to download and test it -- and, of course, SuggestionBox submit feedback. This version should be used for testing only. If you are not a developer interested in testing, we recommend waiting for the final release of version, which is planned for release by January 24, 2005 or sooner. See WikkaReleaseNotes for the list of changes in this beta.

If you don't want to install the beta release, but would still like to test features and fixes in the beta, visit the beta test site. Post anything you want. Create comments. Test SyntaxHighlighter syntax highlighting, InlineCommentFormatter inline comments, Mod043fCloneHandler page cloning, FreeMind, JwCalendar, and WikkaReleaseNotes anything else that is new.


You can subscribe to the list for announcements of Wikka releases and important news.

Quick Help


Need help? Check the official WikkaDocumentation Wikka Documentation pages


Feedback is very much welcome in the SuggestionBox.
Or if you prefer email, send comments to Jason Tourtelotte [Contact]


If you would like to contribute to Wikka, see the HelpWanted page to get started.
Proposals for new features and modifications can be found in the CategoryDevelopment Wikka Development Category.
Bugs can be reported on the WikkaBugs page.



Wikka Lounge

Want to know who's behind WikkaWiki? Or discuss some brilliant new Wikka idea?
Join us on the TheLounge #wikka channel at
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