How to improve RecentChanges

Some sparse suggestions.
  1. Replace ⇒ with ⇐: IMO it makes more sense to have the arrow point FROM the author TO the PAGE, for instance:
        (08:45 UTC) [history] -  UserAdmin ⇐ DarTar [Updating links and changelog]
    • Get rid of the arrow altogether and just write "by" - it's clearer and avoids rendering problems. --JW

  • The arrow doesn't show up correctly on all platforms, depending on charset etc. Use → instead. -- TKN

  • make it configurable ;-) i like the double arrow very much. -- MinusF

  1. Give admins freedom to choose through an action parameter what links should be displayed: history, revisions, none, both;

  1. Make the author's name clickable if the corresponding page exists. (see FormatUserMethod)
    Since this might clutter up the page with a lot of links, I suggest we add a simple username check to the link parser and a special CSS class for userpages. The parser will check if a given link corresponds to an existing user page; if it does, the link is rendered with a class="user" attribute. If it doesn't, raw text is displayed instead of a link. For instance:
        (08:45 UTC) [history] -  UserAdminDarTar [Updating links and changelog]
    Such functionality makes sense also outside the scope of the RecentChanges action. It would be nice to mark links to internal user pages in a different, CSS-driven way. As a further extension, links corresponding to user pages could be given a specific tail (much as external links), for instance an icon or a some specific HTML code. See LinkTails for further discussions on this issue.

Your thoughts?

feed icons

seems like these icons will be the standard in the future.
the xml icon is nice but it's not clear that it is a feed. i have already replaced it (also please note that
it is a feddburner feed actually -- perhaps this could be also configurable?) also i would like to add the feed icon (a small one 16x16 perhaps) to $navigation_links
and $logged_in_navigation_links but it's not trivial at the moment as far as i can tell...

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