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An action to list the files attached to the WikiPage

This is another transformation of the files action from Mod015fFilesAction (check also the FilesManagementHandler).
It allows to get the links to the attached files but not to upload nor to delete any.

This action uses the handlers files.xml.php from the FilesAction. Once the handler is in place you need to create the below listfiles.php and place it in the actions folder:
if ($download <> '') {

        // link to download a file
        if ($text == '') $text = $download;
        echo "<a href=\"".$this->href('files.xml',$this->GetPageTag(),'action=download&file='.urlencode($download))."\">".$text."</a>";

} elseif ($this->page AND ($this->method <> 'print.xml') AND ($this->method <> 'edit')) {

        // upload path
        if ($this->config['upload_path'] == '') $this->config['upload_path'] = 'files';
        $upload_path = $this->config['upload_path'].'/'.$this->GetPageTag();
        if (is_dir($upload_path)) {

            // form
            $result = "<form action=\"".$this->href()."\" method=\"post\" enctype=\"multipart/form-data\">\n";
            if (!$this->config["rewrite_mode"]) $result .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"wakka\" value=\"".$this->MiniHref()."\">\n";
            echo $result;

            echo $this->FormClose();

            // uploaded files
            $dir = opendir($upload_path);
            while ($file = readdir($dir)) {
                if ($file != '.' && $file != '..') {
                    $download_link = "<a href=\"".$this->href('files.xml',$this->GetPageTag(),'action=download&file='.urlencode($file))."\">".$file."</a>";
                    if ($file == $uploaded['name'])
                        print "<em>{$download_link}</em>\n";
                        print $download_link;
                    print '<br>';
        else {
            print "There are no files attached to this page.";
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