Hi there, i am Stefano Baraldi, aka MightyPanda.

I am a software designer and developer, currently graduating for a master in CS in the university of Bologna (Italy).
My thesis is called wikiWall and it's all about bridging visual knowledge building and wikiweb, using natural interaction interfaces.
Check my blog for details.

In my thesis project i'm using Wikka to integrate concept mapping, using wiki pages as concepts.
I'm tweaking Wikka code a bit, and i'm adding some actions and formatters as well.

I hope to show the world something useful and interesting very soon!

Take care,

I'll share my achievements for sure Mike, as soon as this "hot" moment is over am my thesis is done ;)
Comment by DarTar
2005-02-02 23:54:37
Ciao Stefano,

of course we hope you will share your ideas with the Wikka Community :-)
Keep us posted with your work...
Comment by MightyPanda
2005-02-05 23:53:07
Of course i will :)
Wikka is so beautyful... i just hope it will always develop in the right direction (that is: keeping current plugin philosophy without complicating the whole engine..).
Comment by DarTar
2005-02-06 00:08:49
Here's our three-line manifesto: http://wikka.jsnx.com/LightweightInfo ;-)
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