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==== Wikka Mod 015 ====
Type: Feature Addition

<<This is the info about the version of the ""{{files}}"" action currently included in Wikka.
~-For the development page, take a look at FilesAction.
~-For a documentation of how to use the current version, look at FilesActionInfo.


==== Files Action ====
This action allows easy file uploading/downloading from a wakka page.

All you have **to do** is:
- set ##$wakkaConfig['upload_path']## to a writable directory: a directory by each page will be created to store their attached files.
- add ##""{{""Files""}}""## to the page content: a form to upload files will be shown to users with write access.
- insert ##""{{""Files download="filename" text="descriptive name"""}}""## to show a link to download every file.
- if you want to recognize mime types, you must set ##$wakkaConfig['mime_types']## to a file like [[Docs:MimeTypesFile | this]]

//Note: The mime_types file HAS to exist. If it doesn't, the pagehandler writes "ERROR: unreadable file mime.types" at the beginning of the file you want to download - not to the browser screen, as it should. You have to create an empty mime types file in the Wakka root directory, like "touch mime.types"//
--[[ | TobiasHesselmann]]
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