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=====Userpage of Nils Lindenberg=====

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===Me, myself & I===
I am a student of social science at the university of Goettingen, Germany.

===My problem===
After years of working with various computers and surfing the internet, I have a huge collection of emails, saved webpages, bookmarks, word-documents, other documents adresses in local and web adressbooks, zip files etc. Not to mention tons of paper , notices etc. And I have searched years for a way to organize these informations, which means a) finding the things i am searching for and b) establishing relationships between them.

===The solution===
After testing some wikkas i finally moved to wikka. I made some little hacks to improve configurability, but mainly I am contributing to WikkaDocumentation.

Since february 2005 i am a member of the [[CreditsPage | wikka crew]], where my topic of interest is mainly the documentation (big surprise, isn't it ;-)



Visit my [[NiehLe | clone]] to see what i am working on (always behind :)

Leave a note or a comment on this page, sometimes I hang around on #wikka, too.

**other links**
[[ | against the myth of bload programms]]
[[ | about using Wiki for personal information management]]


====My thoughts about Wikka====

Although WikkaWiki is now a very interesting pice of software, there are always things which could be done better. And because I do not want to talk only, I made some contributions to wikka in the three fields which seem the most important to me:

//There's no good representation without good documentation :)//

The most important part for every project is a good documentation. This occurs to software, too. Not only for developers, but also for administrators and end-users. A documentation is only good if there are no questions remaining after reading it!

Since people use wikka for many different purposes, wikka needs a maximum of configurability. My additions to that goal:
1) UserRegistration: An admin can choose if registration is disallowed, allowed only if you know a register-code, or allowed for everyone. This option (and the registration code) are stored in the config
1) StayingLoggedIn: Let the user choose if he wants to have permanent cookies with his name and password or only a session-based cookie (to be logged out when all browser windows are closed)
1) AutomaticUserPageCreation let an admin choose to create the page of a new user after his creation. As a template any wikkapage can be used.
1) PageAndCategoryDivisionInACategory seperation of pages and categories in the category action.
1) CommentsFormatting allows some (basic) formatting in comments. Problem with backwards compatibility :(

<<Links to read on: - designing for users, not for programmers - choose which choises you give to users

To use Wikka to store informations it is necessary to be as compatible to other programms (and older versions of wikka) as possible. So that wikka becomes no information-oneway, but a "crossing point" ;-) My addition to that goal:
1) HandleCsvData is a library which shall contain functions for, well, handling (reading, writing, sorting etc..) data from and to *.csv files
1) ShowCsv is the first action using this library. It shows the content of a *.csv file as a html-table.

<<Links to read on: - about the necessity of backward compatibility - the chicken and egg problem

//to be continued...//
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