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Olivier Borowski

Website :
My kendo club :

Both site are using a self-modified version of wikka trunk.
Some infos can be found here :

Proposal for internationalization

- move all if (!defined('STRING')) define ('STRING', 'string'); to a separate file, for example : localization/english.php.

- maybe remove if (!defined('STRING')) as a string should never be redeclared.

- special pages name (like RecentChanges) are defined as a constant (RECENT_CHANGES) in english.php.

- in Wakka.class.php, LoadPage() replace RECENT_CHANGES with "RecentChanges", so a translated URL ../DerniersChangements is interpreted as same as ../RecentChanges. See the code here : LoadPage.txt

- choose a default language in wikka.config.php and let the user choose his preferred language in UserSettings.
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