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I am a graduate of the NSSA Department at RIT, currently working on my masters in Computer Security and Information Assurance.

My thesis will most likely be related to either graphical passwords, or methods of obscuring private communication via public Internet channels.

I enjoy modding electronics for fun and for the challenge. Currently, I am teaching myself PowerShell and VBscript to streamline my day-to-day tasks as well as Beta Testing Windows 7 at home and at work.

I'm using Wikka on my website as an invisible wiki to some success, and I've used Wikka in the past for a few personal wikis.

You may find me on Twitter, on IRC, or any number of support forums on the internet.

My Actions

TwitterFeed: It's a rehashed rss feed that is tailored to twitter, taking the twitter rss feed and doing some cool stuff: SigAction: Emulates the signature block from Wikipedia AgeAction: Calculates age


PortableWikka: Describes the process I used for setting up a local, portable Wikka installation on my 8GB thumbdrive.

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Comment by BrianKoontz
2009-05-28 13:51:03
Re: PortableWikka

This sounds like it has great possibilities. I currently have several local instances of Wikka running on several different boxes to keep track of stuff (a glorified Franklin planner, if you will). I could have one Wikka accessible across the network (which I do), but sometimes I find myself without network access. Having one USB drive that does it all would make a very portable solution.

Even one better: How about a way to sync your portable Wikka with an existing Wikka? Now *that* would be quite useful!

(Note to self: Add last idea to long list of Wikka ideas that I probably won't get to in this lifetime...)

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