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=====phpMyEdit in Wikka=====
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[[PhpMyEdit | Installation]]

I've set up a demo of [[ | phpMyEdit running within Wikka]]. This would be useful for anyone wanting to directly interact with MySQL tables from a Wikka page. -- JsnX
~&I assume this is meant for admins only but ... Could you add some explanation? I looked but don't have a clue how to use it. What are the radio buttons for, for instance? What's the "V" button at the top? The UI is very confusing. --JavaWoman
~~& Jsnx, that's interesting. I think the idea is worth consideration. I have used phpMyEdit as an interface to allow my users to store their profiles in the DB when I still was a MySQL newbie :) and it's true that it allows a number of tricky things (especially cross-reference between tables). So I think a plugin for integrating phpMyEdit within Wikka pages might be a nice extension. You probably know though that all the interface options can only be set by editing the source, or were you thinking of allowing some kind of admin access to the interface options? And be honest, are you thinking of phpMyEdit as a sort of replacement for my baby admin actions, aren't you?! In a sense this might be interesting, but it would really be unnecessary compared to what we can do by creating direct calls to the DB using core functions. Why heavily tweak an external script to do something wikka-like if we can already use something that only needs core functions? --- Moreover, when you perform operations on pages (like 'add', 'copy' or 'delete') you generally want to do something more complicated than just modify single records of the page table. Using phpMyEdit as a sort of proxy for a page admin action can lead to major inconsistencies in the page structure. --- And, JW, the "v" button is for filtering the table ;-) -- DarTar
~~~&DarTar, that's silly. The admin actions that you have developed are looking fantastic! I was never thinking of using phpMyEdit to replace your actions. I'm using phpMyEdit to interface with non-Wikka tables; I like to see the data shown from Wikka, and I also like being able to use Wikka formatting within the data. It might help if I gave an example of how I use phpMyEdit. [... I'll write an example later on ...] -- JsnX
~~~&Filtering? Well first it's not obvious, nor explained; but I just went back and tried pressing the "v" button - and I get three other mystifying buttons in return. Frankly, I don't want to use something as badly-designed as this. Shudder. DarTar, your Admin functions may need some refinement, but mystifying they are not. Let's stick with those, and build on them. Sorry, JsnX, but this doesn't get my vote. --JavaWoman
~~~~&Thanks for the comments. I expected there would be some reservations about including this in Wikka. I too have some reservations about phpMyEdit. However, with that said, I also find it to be a **very useful** tool which I will continue to use. It doesn't matter to me whether phpMyEdit is ever an official Wikka component because using it requires zero modifications to the Wikka code -- there will be no ongoing maintenance when upgrading to new Wikka versions. It's not my intention to support this, but if someone wants to use it, I'm happy to make my modified phpMyEdit version available. I'm proposing this as an official "unofficial Wikka add-on". :) -- JsnX
~&I am interested by the idea to interact with MySQL tables from a Wikka page. Would you please share the updated phpMyEdit code? --ChristianBarthelemy
~~&Yes, I plan to play around with it for a few more days, then I'll upload the code and some instructions. -- JsnX
~~~&Hi Jason, I am still interested to know more about this... --ChristianBarthelemy
~~~~&Check it out, PhpMyEdit. -- JsnX
~&Well, Jason, I do think it would help I you would explain what you are using this **for** (especially if not for Wikka administration); I'd also like to know then why you chose phpMyEdit and not another browser-based client - and why a browser-based client in the first place. I've only ever tried phpMyAdmin and found it lacking because it tends (tended) to work on single tables only. I quickly switched to "real" clients that are more powerful and allow me to build queries involving several tables if needed, so consistency can be maintained. I have a bunch of handy tools (for Windows), all free: for design, administration and maintenance. And though I do have phpMyAdmin available, I don't intend to use it. --JavaWoman
~~&My bet is that Jason's using it to fix the pages where I've (inadertently) submitted double percent signs as part of submitted code so that the history feature works properly. {grin} --GmBowen
~~~&LOL! But - "inadvertently"? Using double percent signs should be possible in code - and if not, that's a bug in Wikka, not your fault! (Not that I have a solution for that yet, though I have been thinking about that problem.) --JavaWoman
~~~~&What are the handy tools that you use. I would be interested in trying something other than "phpMyAdmin". --JamesMcl
~~~~~&A bunch - all on Windows (I use Win2000):
~~~~~~-From MySQL:
~~~~~~~-[[ | MySQL Administrator]]
~~~~~~~-[[ | MySQL Query Browser]]
~~~~~~-MySQL-Front version 2.5 (last free version - hard to find)
~~~~~~-SQLyog version 3.11 (last free version - somewhat less hard to find)
~~~~~~-[[ | DBDesigner 4]] from fabFORCE
~~~~~&All freeware, though both MySQL-Front and SQLyog now have commercial versions. Those two provide administration and queries in a single interface; they complement each other nicely and these two are what I use most. The MySQL tools each have a separate function (and they support only MySQL 4). DBDesigner 4 is - as the name suggests - a design tool, though it can be used for reverse engineering as well, and even some querying (though I haven't tested the last); I used it to create the models on WikkaPhysicalDataModel and WikkaLogicalDataModel.
~~~~~~-see also [[ | Software Partners]] on the MySQL site for more options
~~~~~&If someone would like to try MySQL-Front or SQLyog, let me know on #wikka and I'll provide a download. --JavaWoman
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