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Phrase List

A new branch of the code has been started to work on this issue.

A list of all the phrases the users see in Wikka:

ordered afte directory/file. the first line is the phrase as it is now, followed by a suggestion how to change it.

  1. find all files containing text in it
  2. marking special-cases like "buttons" and distintions like "noun" "verb" etc.
  3. rewrite phrases containing variables
  4. make consistent constant guidelines
  5. use them ;)

Guidelines for naming constants

nothing yet


define('WRONG_PHP_VERSION', '$_REQUEST[] not found. Wakka requires PHP 4.1.0 or higher!?');
define('WIKI_UPGRADE', 'This site is currently being upgraded. Please try again later!');
define('SETUP_INTERFACE_HEADER', ' %s Install/Upgrade Interface'); // %s - name of the wiki
define('SETUP_FILE_MISSING', 'Installation/Upgrade cancelled. The file "%s".php could not be found!'); // %s - name of missing file
define('NO_DATABASE_CONNECTION', 'The wiki is currently unavailable: Unable to connect to the database.');
define('PAGE_GENERATION_TIME', 'Page was generated in %.4f seconds'); // %.4f - time
// class constants
define('ACTION_NOT_FOUND', 'Unknown action "%s".'); // %s - name of the action
define('ACTION_NO_SPECIALCHARS', 'The action name must not contain special characters.');
define('METHOD_NOT_FOUND', 'Unknown method "%s"'); // %s - path and name of the method
define('FORMATTER_NOT_FOUND', 'Formatter %s not found!'); // %s - name of the formatter


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