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  1. define('USER_LOGGED_OUT', "You are now logged out.");
  2. define('USER_SETTINGS_STORED', "User settings stored!");
  3. define('ERROR_NO_BLANK', "Sorry, blanks are not permitted in the password.");
  4. define('ERROR_PASSWORD_TOO_SHORT', "Sorry, the password must contain at least %s characters.");
  5. define('PASSWORD_CHANGED', "Password changed!");
  6. define('ERROR_OLD_PASSWORD_WRONG', "The old password you entered is wrong.");
  7. define('USER_EMAIL_LABEL', "Your email address:");
  8. define('DOUBLECLICK_LABEL', "Doubleclick Editing:");
  9. define('SHOW_COMMENTS_LABEL', "Show comments by default:");
  10. define('RECENTCHANGES_DISPLAY_LIMIT_LABEL', "RecentChanges display limit:");
  11. define('PAGEREVISION_LIST_LIMIT_LABEL', "Page revisions list limit:");
  12. define('UPDATE_SETTINGS_INPUT', "Update Settings");
  13. define('CHANGE_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Change your password:");
  14. define('CURRENT_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Your current password:");
  15. define('NEW_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Your new password:");
  16. define('CHANGE_BUTTON_LABEL', "Change");
  17. define('REGISTER_BUTTON_LABEL', "Register");
  18. define('QUICK_LINKS', "See a list of pages you own (MyPages) and pages you've edited (MyChanges).");
  19. define('ERROR_WRONG_PASSWORD', "Sorry, you entered the wrong password.");
  20. define('ERROR_EMPTY_USERNAME', "Please fill in your user name.");
  21. define('ERROR_RESERVED_PAGENAME', "Sorry, this name is reserved for a page. Please choose a different name.");
  22. define('ERROR_WIKINAME', "User name must be ##\"\"WikiName\"\"## formatted, e.g. ##\"\"JohnDoe\"\"##.");
  23. define('ERROR_EMPTY_PASSWORD', "Please fill in a password.");
  24. define('ERROR_EMPTY_CONFIRMATION_PASSWORD', "You must confirm your password to register a new account.");
  25. define('ERROR_PASSWORD_MATCH', "Passwords didn't match.");
  26. define('ERROR_EMAIL_ADDRESS_REQUIRED', "You must specify an email address.");
  27. define('ERROR_INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS', "That doesn't quite look like an email address.");
  28. define('REGISTERED_USER_LOGIN_LABEL', "If you're already a registered user, log in here!");
  29. define('REGISTER_HEADING', "===Login/Register===");
  30. define('WIKINAME_LABEL', "Your <abbrv title=\"A WikiName is formed by two or more capitalized words without space, e.g. JohnDoe\">WikiName</abbrv>:");
  31. define('PASSWORD_LABEL', "Password (min. %s chars):");
  32. define('LOGIN_BUTTON_LABEL', "Login");
  33. define('NEW_USER_REGISTER_LABEL', "Stuff you only need to fill in when you're logging in for the first time (and thus signing up as a new user on this site).");
  34. define('CONFIRM_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Confirm password:");
  35. define('RETRIEVE_PASSWORD_HEADING', "===Forgot your password?===");
  36. define('RETRIEVE_PASSWORD_MESSAGE', "Log in here with the temporary password. --- If you need a temporary password, click [[PasswordForgotten here]].");
  37. define('TEMP_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Your temp password:");

  1. define(NO_WANTED_PAGES, 'No wanted pages. Good!');
  2. define(NO_PAGES_LINKING_TO, "No page is linking to %s."); // %s - pagename
  3. define(PAGES_LINKING_TO, "Pages linking to %s:"); // %s - pagename

should better become a default-page!


  1. define('ACLS_UPDATED', 'Access control lists updated.');
  2. define('NO_PAGE_OWNER', '(Nobody)');
  3. define('PAGE_OWNERSHIP_CHANGED', "Ownership changed to %s");  // %s - name of the new owner
  4. define('NOT_PAGE_OWNER', "You're not the owner of this page.");
  5. define('ACL_CHANGE_FORM_HEADER', "Access Control Lists for %s"); // %s - name of the page
  6. define('READ_ACL_LABEL', 'Read ACL:');
  7. define('WRITE_ACL_LABEL', 'Write ACL:');
  8. define('COMMENT_ACL_LABEL', 'Comments ACL:');
  9. define('SET_PAGE_OWNER_LABEL', 'Set Page Owner:');
  10. define('SET_PAGE_OWNER_CURRENT_LABEL', '(Current Owner)');
  11. define('SET_PAGE_OWNER_PUBLIC_LABEL','(Public)');
  12. define('SET_NO_PAGE_OWNER_LABEL', '(Nobody - Set free)');
  13. define('ACL_SYNTAX_HELP', '===Syntax:=== ---* = Everyone ---+ = Registered users ---Or enter individual user ""WikiNames"", one per line ---""--------------------------------------"" ---Note: Any of these items can be negated with a ! ---!* = No one ---!+ = Anonymous users ---!""JohnDoe"" = ""JohnDoe"" will be denied access. --- --- //Be aware that the ACLs are tested in the order specified.// ---So be sure to specify * on a separate line ---**after** negating any users--not before.--- Otherwise, the * everyone condition will always give access ---before the list of users that should not have access is tested.'); // gets wiki-formatted

  1. define('COMMENT_BODY_EMPTY', 'Comment body was empty -- not saved!');
  2. define('COMMENT_NOT_ALLOWED', "Sorry, you're not allowed to post comments to this page.");

  1.     define('USER_IS_NEW_OWNER_MESSAGE', 'You are now the owner of this page.');




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