Phrase List

A new branch of the code has been started to work on this issue.

  1. find all files containing text in it
  2. marking special-cases like "buttons" and distintions like "noun" "verb" etc.
  3. rewrite phrases containing variables
  4. make consistent constant guidelines
  5. use them ;)

Guidelines for naming constants

see CodingGuidelinesHowto

Phrase List

A list of all the phrases in Wikka ordered afte directory/file. To have an overview about the progress.


define('WRONG_PHP_VERSION', '$_REQUEST[] not found. Wakka requires PHP 4.1.0 or higher!?');
define('WIKI_UPGRADE', 'This site is currently being upgraded. Please try again later!');
define('SETUP_INTERFACE_HEADER', ' %s Install/Upgrade Interface'); // %s - name of the wiki
define('SETUP_FILE_MISSING', 'Installation/Upgrade cancelled. The file "%s".php could not be found!'); // %s - name of missing file
define('NO_DATABASE_CONNECTION', 'The wiki is currently unavailable: Unable to connect to the database.');
define('PAGE_GENERATION_TIME', 'Page was generated in %.4f seconds'); // %.4f - time
// class constants
define('ACTION_NOT_FOUND', 'Unknown action "%s".'); // %s - name of the action
define('ACTION_NO_SPECIALCHARS', 'The action name must not contain special characters.');
define('METHOD_NOT_FOUND', 'Unknown method "%s"'); // %s - path and name of the method
define('FORMATTER_NOT_FOUND', 'Formatter %s not found!'); // %s - name of the formatter


  1. define('LOC_MON_YEAR', "%B %Y");                                                                    # i18n
  2. define('FMT_SUMMARY', "Calendar for %s");                                                            # i18n
  3. define('TODAY', "today");          # i18n

  1. define('CATEGORY_PAGES_HEADER', 'The following %b pages belong to %s:'); // %s - name of the page
  2. define('CATEGORY_NO_PAGES_FOUND', 'Sorry, no items found for %s.'); // %s - name of the page

  1. define('SEND_FEEDBACK_LINK_LABEL', 'Send us your feedback');
  2. define('SEND_FEEDBACK_LINK_TITLE', 'Contact');

  1. define('DISPLAY_PAGES_YOU_OWN','Display a list of the pages you currently own');

  1. define ('DISPLAY_ALPHABETICAL_PAGE_INDEX', 'Display an alphabetical page index');

  1. define('FEEDBACK_FORM_HEADER', 'Fill in the form below to send us your comments:');
  2. define('FEEDBACK_FORM_LABEL_NAME', 'Name: ');
  3. define('FEEDBACK_FORM_LABEL_EMAIL', 'Email: ');
  4. define('FEEDBACK_FORM_LABEL_COMMENTS', 'Comments: ');
  5. define('FEEDBACK_FORM_BUTTON', 'Send');
  7. define('FEEDBACK_MAIL_SUBJECT', 'Feedback from : %s'); // %s - user who entered feedback
  8. define('FEEDBACK_MAIL_SEND', 'Thanks for your interest! Your feedback has been sent to [[%1\s]] --- Return to the [[ | %2\s main page]]'); // %1\s - admin-email %2\s - root page
  10. define('ERROR_NO_NAME', 'Please enter your name');
  11. define('ERROR_NO_EMAIL', 'Please enter a valid email address');
  12. define('ERROR_NO_TEXT', 'Please enter some text');

files: footer:
  1. define('CIRCULAR_REFERENCE_DETECTED', 'Circular reference detected');

lastedit: lastusers: mindmap: mychanges: mypages: newpage:
  1. define('NO_ORPHANED_PAGES', 'No orphaned pages. Good!');

  1. define('PAGES_YOU_OWN', 'You own %1\s pages out of the %2\s pages on this Wiki'); // %1\s - html-formatted number of own pages, %2\s - html-formatted number of total pages
  2. define('PAGES_TOTAL_PERC','That means you own %s of the total.'); // %s - percent of pages owned

  1. define('XML_BUTTON_LABEL', 'XML');
  2. define('PAGE_EDITOR_UNREGISTERED', '(unregistered user)');
  3. define('HISTORY_LINK_TXT', 'history');
  4. define('VIEW_RECENT_REVISIONS_LABEL', 'View recent revisions list for %s'); // %s - pagename
  5. define('VIEW_EDIT_HISTORY_LABEL', 'View edit history of %s'); // %s - pagename
  6. define('WIKIPING_ENABLED_INFO', '[WikiPing enabled: Changes on this wiki are broadcast to %s]'); // %s - link to wikiping-server

  1.     define('NO_RECENT_COMMENTS', 'No recent comments');

recentlycommented: rss:
  1. define('ERROR_RSS_WRONG_SYNTAX', 'Error: Invalid RSS action syntax. --- Proper usage: ""{{rss}}"" or ""{{rss url=""}}""'); // gets wikka-formatted

textsearch: textsearchexpanded: usersettings:
  1. define('USER_LOGGED_OUT', "You are now logged out.");
  2. define('USER_SETTINGS_STORED', "User settings stored!");
  3. define('ERROR_NO_BLANK', "Sorry, blanks are not permitted in the password.");
  4. define('ERROR_PASSWORD_TOO_SHORT', "Sorry, the password must contain at least %s characters.");
  5. define('PASSWORD_CHANGED', "Password changed!");
  6. define('ERROR_OLD_PASSWORD_WRONG', "The old password you entered is wrong.");
  7. define('USER_EMAIL_LABEL', "Your email address:");
  8. define('DOUBLECLICK_LABEL', "Doubleclick Editing:");
  9. define('SHOW_COMMENTS_LABEL', "Show comments by default:");
  10. define('RECENTCHANGES_DISPLAY_LIMIT_LABEL', "RecentChanges display limit:");
  11. define('PAGEREVISION_LIST_LIMIT_LABEL', "Page revisions list limit:");
  12. define('UPDATE_SETTINGS_INPUT', "Update Settings");
  13. define('CHANGE_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Change your password:");
  14. define('CURRENT_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Your current password:");
  15. define('NEW_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Your new password:");
  16. define('CHANGE_BUTTON_LABEL', "Change");
  17. define('REGISTER_BUTTON_LABEL', "Register");
  18. define('QUICK_LINKS', "See a list of pages you own (MyPages) and pages you've edited (MyChanges).");
  19. define('ERROR_WRONG_PASSWORD', "Sorry, you entered the wrong password.");
  20. define('ERROR_EMPTY_USERNAME', "Please fill in your user name.");
  21. define('ERROR_RESERVED_PAGENAME', "Sorry, this name is reserved for a page. Please choose a different name.");
  22. define('ERROR_WIKINAME', "User name must be ##\"\"WikiName\"\"## formatted, e.g. ##\"\"JohnDoe\"\"##.");
  23. define('ERROR_EMPTY_PASSWORD', "Please fill in a password.");
  24. define('ERROR_EMPTY_CONFIRMATION_PASSWORD', "You must confirm your password to register a new account.");
  25. define('ERROR_PASSWORD_MATCH', "Passwords didn't match.");
  26. define('ERROR_EMAIL_ADDRESS_REQUIRED', "You must specify an email address.");
  27. define('ERROR_INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS', "That doesn't quite look like an email address.");
  28. define('REGISTERED_USER_LOGIN_LABEL', "If you're already a registered user, log in here!");
  29. define('REGISTER_HEADING', "===Login/Register===");
  30. define('WIKINAME_LABEL', "Your <abbrv title=\"A WikiName is formed by two or more capitalized words without space, e.g. JohnDoe\">WikiName</abbrv>:");
  31. define('PASSWORD_LABEL', "Password (min. %s chars):");
  32. define('LOGIN_BUTTON_LABEL', "Login");
  33. define('NEW_USER_REGISTER_LABEL', "Stuff you only need to fill in when you're logging in for the first time (and thus signing up as a new user on this site).");
  34. define('CONFIRM_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Confirm password:");
  35. define('RETRIEVE_PASSWORD_HEADING', "===Forgot your password?===");
  36. define('RETRIEVE_PASSWORD_MESSAGE', "Log in here with the temporary password. --- If you need a temporary password, click [[PasswordForgotten | here]].");
  37. define('TEMP_PASSWORD_LABEL', "Your temp password:");

  1. define(NO_WANTED_PAGES, 'No wanted pages. Good!');
  2. define(NO_PAGES_LINKING_TO, "No page is linking to %s."); // %s - pagename
  3. define(PAGES_LINKING_TO, "Pages linking to %s:"); // %s - pagename

should better become a default-page!


  1. define('ACLS_UPDATED', 'Access control lists updated.');
  2. define('NO_PAGE_OWNER', '(Nobody)');
  3. define('PAGE_OWNERSHIP_CHANGED', "Ownership changed to %s");  // %s - name of the new owner
  4. define('NOT_PAGE_OWNER', "You're not the owner of this page.");
  5. define('ACL_CHANGE_FORM_HEADER', "Access Control Lists for %s"); // %s - name of the page
  6. define('READ_ACL_LABEL', 'Read ACL:');
  7. define('WRITE_ACL_LABEL', 'Write ACL:');
  8. define('COMMENT_ACL_LABEL', 'Comments ACL:');
  9. define('SET_PAGE_OWNER_LABEL', 'Set Page Owner:');
  10. define('SET_PAGE_OWNER_CURRENT_LABEL', '(Current Owner)');
  11. define('SET_PAGE_OWNER_PUBLIC_LABEL','(Public)');
  12. define('SET_NO_PAGE_OWNER_LABEL', '(Nobody - Set free)');
  13. define('ACL_SYNTAX_HELP', '===Syntax:=== ---* = Everyone ---+ = Registered users ---Or enter individual user ""WikiNames"", one per line ---""--------------------------------------"" ---Note: Any of these items can be negated with a ! ---!* = No one ---!+ = Anonymous users ---!""JohnDoe"" = ""JohnDoe"" will be denied access. --- --- //Be aware that the ACLs are tested in the order specified.// ---So be sure to specify * on a separate line ---**after** negating any users--not before.--- Otherwise, the * everyone condition will always give access ---before the list of users that should not have access is tested.'); // gets wiki-formatted

  1. define('COMMENT_BODY_EMPTY', 'Comment body was empty -- not saved!');
  2. define('COMMENT_NOT_ALLOWED', "Sorry, you're not allowed to post comments to this page.");

  1.     define('USER_IS_NEW_OWNER_MESSAGE', 'You are now the owner of this page.');

clone: delcomment: diff: edit: history: recentchanges.xml.php: referrers: referrers_sites: review_blacklist: revisions: revisions_xml: show:


default: header: install:

Comments [Hide comments]
Comment by JavaWoman
2005-04-22 15:02:17
Quite a few of these "phrases" are actually incomplete phrases because the "variable" part is missing. That means they cannot be translated properly since you'll run into problems with word order differences between languages.

It's better to write a complete phrase and indicate the location (in English) of a variable with %s (for a string) or %d (for an interger number) etc. (following the formatting conventions of printf()).

Also, for short phrases like "Register" an indication is needed of whether something is a noun, an infinitive verb or a conjugated verb (command) - they may have the same "shape" in English but could have very different translations.
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2005-04-22 15:05:28
I will change this, but it will take some time
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