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====== [[RSS]] Auto discovery ======
{{svn}} <<**Note:**
implemented now in [[ | release]]
<<>>**See also:**
~-[[Rss | Explanation of RSS]]
~-RssInfo (using Wikka as a feed reader)

====Wikka RSS feeds====

A small modification to ##header.php## allows Wikka feeds to be 'autodiscovered' by most feed readers and now also by some browsers supporting this mechanism.

Add the following lines after the stylesheet-related lines in ##actions/header.php##:

if ($this->GetMethod() != 'edit') {
$rsslink = ' <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="'.$this->GetWakkaName().': revisions for '.$this->tag.' (RSS)" href="'.$this->Href('revisions.xml', $this->tag).'" />'."\n";
$rsslink .= ' <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="'.$this->GetWakkaName().': recently edited pages (RSS)" href="'.$this->Href('recentchanges.xml', $this->tag).'" />'."\n";
echo $rsslink;

====Feed reader support====

To use autodiscovery, you don't need to find out the location of the RSS file, you simply give your RSS reader the address of the web page and the RSS reader will search the page for any RSS links that it can find.

Feed readers with autodiscovery include (in alphabetical order):

~-[[ | Aggie]]
~-[[ | FeedDemon]]
~-[[ | SharpReader]] (Only the first link is picked up.)

//more to follow//

====Browser support====

===Link Navigation support===

//Link navigation// support can be found in:

{{image alt="Mozilla 'Other Versions' in link navigation bar" title="Mozilla link navigation support" url="images/rss/moz_autodiscovery_s.png"}}
Note that Mozilla will display **all** alternate links, so these should be labeled as 'RSS' in the title attribute (in addition to the description).
~&Implemented now, though most screenshots don't show it) --JavaWoman

{{image alt="Lynx link navigation" title="Lynx link navigation support" url="images/rss/lynx_autodiscovery.png"}}

==Other browsers==
~-Another browser with support for link navigation is **iCab** (no screenshot available).
~-//While Opera does have some (limited) link navigation support, this does not include support for ##<link rel="alternate" ... />## type tags **except** links to RSS feeds: no support for links to alternate language versions, PDF versions, or whatever alternative versions for a resource you might come up with.//

===RSS autodiscovery support===

The //RSS autodiscovery// feature is currently supported by:

{{image alt="FF autodiscovery button" title="Firefox autodiscovery button" url="images/rss/ff_autodiscovery.png"}}

==Opera (7.5+)==
{{image alt="Opera autodiscovery button" title="Opera autodiscovery button" url="images/rss/opera_autodiscovery.png"}}

==Safari (2.0+)==
{{image alt="Safari autodiscovery button" title="Safari autodiscovery button" url="images/rss/safari_autodiscovery.gif"}}

==Yahoo toolbar for IE (5.6+)==
{{image alt="Yahoo toolbar autodiscovery button" title="Yahoo toolbar autodiscovery button" url="images/rss/yahoo_autodiscovery.gif"}}

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