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=====Development page for the Recentchanges action=====

>>**See also**
[[Docs:RecentChangesActionInfo | Documentation page]]
>>''The action which is (with wikka named "recentchanges" is in fact a "recently changed" action (as stated on ImprovedRecentChanges by JavaWoman)''


To make a real recentchanges action, I have just copied the code from the "recently changed" action and made the necessary (small) modification.

- ""LoadRecentChanges()"" now only loads part of the pages (see first item on WikkaOptimization, thanks to DotMg)
- the limit of pages to load is now set **before** loading the pages

====The code====
//don't forget to rename the old recentchanges.php into recentlychanged.php first!//


if ($user = $this->GetUser()) {
$max = $user["changescount"];
} else {
$max = 50;

if ($pages = $this->LoadRecentChanges($max))
$curday = "";
print('<p><link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="'.$this->href("recentchanges.xml", $this->page["tag"]).'" ><img src="images/xml.png" width="36" height="14" alt="XML" /></link></p>\n');
//<a href=\"".$this->href("recentchanges.xml", $this->page["tag"])."\">

foreach ($pages as $i => $page)
// day header
list($day, $time) = explode(" ", $page["time"]);
if ($day != $curday)
$dateformatted = date("D, d M Y", strtotime($day));

if ($curday) print("</span><br />\n");
print("<strong>$dateformatted:</strong><br />\n<span class=\"recentchanges\">");
$curday = $day;

$timeformatted = date("H:i T", strtotime($page["time"]));
$page_edited_by = $page["user"];
if (!$this->LoadUser($page_edited_by)) $page_edited_by .= " (unregistered user)";

// print entry
if ($page["note"]) $note=" <span class=\"pagenote\">[".$page["note"]."]</span>"; else $note ="";
$pagetag = $page["tag"];
if ($this->HasAccess("read", $pagetag)) {
print("    (".$this->Link($pagetag, "revisions", $timeformatted, 0, 1, "View recent revisions list for ".$pagetag).") [".$this->Link($pagetag, "history", "history", 0, 1, "View edit history of ".$pagetag)."] -  ".$this->Link($pagetag, "", "", 0)." ⇒ $page_edited_by ".$note."<br />");
} else {
print("    ($timeformatted) [history] -  ".$page["tag"]." ⇒ $page_edited_by ".$note."<br />");
print "</span>\n";

$wikipingserver = $this->config["wikiping_server"];
if ($wikipingserver) {
$wikipingserver_url_parsed = parse_url($wikipingserver);
$wikipingserver_host = $wikipingserver_url_parsed["host"];
echo "<br /><br />[WikiPing enabled: Changes on this wiki are broadcast to <a href=\"http://$wikipingserver_host\">http://$wikipingserver_host</a>]";

addition to ##wikka.php## (right behind ""LoadRecentlyChanged()"")

function LoadRecentChanges($max=50)
if ($pages = $this->LoadAll("select tag, time, user, note from ".$this->config["table_prefix"]."pages order by time desc limit ".$max))
foreach ($pages as $page)
return $pages;

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