Slideshow2 Handler Documentation

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This is the documentation page for the Slideshow2 handler.


Short description
Displays a wiki page as a slide show


Long description
This handler interprets and displays a wiki page as an entire slideshow. It is based on S5 by Eric Meyer.
The page markup is rendered in the following way in the context of a slideshow:
==_author_ name==
==_affiliation_ organization==

  • optionally, a one- or two-line text that will be displayed in the footer of each slide (including the title slide) can be provided with the following markup:
==_footer1_ line1 of footer==
==_footer2_ line2 of footer==

  • Please visit the example page to see how metadata (author, affiliation and footer) can be used.
==_handout_ This is a comment line==

Use it like any handler, appending /slideshow to the page URL, to display the page in slideshow mode.
The following icons are displayed on each slide: There is also a set of keyboard shortcuts available.



Follow this link to view a page designed for display as a slideshow.


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