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Resolved Suggestions

this are older suggestions (from the SuggestionBox) to which an answer has be found.

Font action

I didn't know where to put this, so here goes.
I've been adapting a script that uses GD to make an image of some text using a specified font. I'll post it at FontActionInfo

BTW - The work you've done - especially with CSS styling - is very, very good. Keep it up ;-)

Question: PHP 4.3 and "mysql_escape_string()"?

For the Wikka Wakka Wiki you need at least PHP 4.3 because the "mysql_real_escape_string()" in wakka.php is only available in PHP 4.3. A lot of hoster just offering PHP 4.1 or 4.2. Then you have to replace "mysql_real_escape_string()" with "mysql_escape_string()". What was the reason for the replacement in the new release? Again: Keep on the good work.

Typo correction in embedded Wiki Edit 2

For the new ( release, line 645 of wikiedit2/wikiedit2.js should be fixed to say:
    s += " Ctrl+Shift+Minus - Horizontal line\n";

not "horisontal." I've already fixed it in my local copy, but no sense in perpetuating errors. :) --

Compatibility with PHP 4.1.x

with Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (woody) are installed PHP 4.1.2 and this version don't support "mysql_real_escape_string" function.
temporary fix on wikka.php head:

Don't let old pages get indexed

(moved to WikkaSpamFighting)

User page

If someone registers as a new user and chooses a Wikiname, his wikinamepage is empty. I think it would be nice, if the page whould be created from the wiki, containing a text with perhaps a welcome, some (Wiki)rules and usefull pages (this text should be stored somewhere so that it could be customized from the WikiAdmin). The page should automatically belong to the category user. Regards, NilsLindenberg

Non-breaking space in forced links User Control

Is there an easy way to not allow registration? I would like to have it so that I can control the registration process, not let just anyone sign-up.

... (Nils proposing a solution)

A nice contribution Nils. If you want to go further with fiddling with the code for registration, I've thought it would be useful if there was a feature that required a password from an administrator to be able to register so that if you were going to register you put in your user info (as now) and a password you've obtained from the admin that allows you to register....for instance, in this way a teacher could set up a wikki with registration "on" and send a note to all of the parents with the registration password so that they could register....outsiders couldn't register, only those with the registration key. Possibly a quite useful feature to many potential user groups. --

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