Well, I have added this page only to Test My Skills about this Cool new tool.

It amazing!

And I think it is one of the best days of my life when I have learnt new things.

Now here I think I can start creating my Own website by just typing. Right?

lemme test the escapse sequence.... [[no | link]]

its Sara!

Good Day;
Comment by JsnX
2005-01-24 14:31:57
JW and DarTar,

A few months back I had an idea about flagging pages for deletion, and this page just brought it back up for me.

How about we add a field to the pages table named flagged_for_deletion" or such. On pages, have a checkbox that only shows to admins, "Flag for deletion". And finally an action that queries the database and shows pages flagged for deletion along with their last edit time.

So if we have a page such as this one, we can flag it for deletion, and then months later when it has not been edited or become useful, we can delete it.

Maybe have an indicator on the page for the user that the page is flagged for deletion.

This is just a rough idea, but hopefully enough info to get you two thinking about it. I think this is needed because as the wiki becomes bigger, it is not practical to browse through every page looking for waste. But if the page gets flagged as soon as you notice it, you have a handy reminder to look at the page again in the future.
Comment by GmBowen
2005-01-24 15:53:11
I think this is a good idea and fits in with the code I have here that also allows you to "hide" a page....part of my logic behind it is that a page name that is offensive (spam, racial, etc) cannot be re-created if it is just hidden.
Comment by JavaWoman
2005-01-27 06:38:17
Jsnx, I like the idea of flag-for-deletion; the DB should also store a timestamp for when that happened - so you can query on when the flag was set rather than on last edit; maybe a separate database would be better than a (rarely-used) couple of fields in the pages table. Another option should of course be to clear the flag (if in a separate table: just delete the record).

GmBowen, a (badly-needed anyway) rename handler could also solve the problem of pages with offensive names (but not necessarily offensive content) in another way: if a rename handler keeps the old page name but sets up a redirect to the new page name, that will still prevent the page name to be re-created and would preserve any useful content. (Of course, if there isn't any useful content, the page could just be deleted.)

All, the delete handler could maybe have an extra option to determine whether to "block" the page name of the page to-be-deleted. A "status" field in the pages table?

Just a few off-the-cuff ideas...
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